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The Columbus Stocking Strangler…

October 5, 2017


Today is October 5th…the number 5 being the numerical symbol of change.

Last night after a fruitful rehearsal, I stopped at a local gas station and as I went inside to pay for my gas, the car that had been in front of me pulled out and then traveled up to the storefront, where it met another car just pulling in—thus, delaying my speedy advance.

Now, I have been doing this a long time and those of you who have followed in my journeys understand that everything is divinely orchestrated…nothing, and I mean nothing is left to chance. So, taking this subliminal nod into conscious consideration, I looked at the two cars now blocking my pathway. One tag number included the numbers, 555 and the other, 999. For those of you who do numerology and/or angel numbers, you understand that the 5’s represent both warning and that huge changes are about to unfold. The 9’s are not only a call to action, but with three 9’s in a row—a signal from the universe that a chapter in your life is ending and that a new one is about to begin. Having hung on the cusp of change for quite some time and frustrated with the calendar of the universe, I took this as a positive stroke for my concerns and current anxieties.

Tonight is a full moon…it will shine its light into corners we often avoid or seek to keep hidden. For over 4 years now I have buried myself in this current series of cases and as promised you, have with the help of others, unearthed some pretty spectacular information…the most recent being officially added into the October 10th re-release of, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR”, available through Amazon in both paper and Kindle format. This special edition is even tagged in the opening pages as having additional evidence and resource verification’s through October 2017, for your identification purposes.

Now why is this important?

Because everyone has been informed and another life is now at stake.

The Columbus Strangler case has reached an eerie peak, where now all the discovered clandestine information has the opportunity of either sliding down into a dark valley of deceit and corruption…or rising to the heights of the justice mountaintop for all the world to see and it is up to the citizens of Columbus, Georgia to decide how they wish to live the remainder of their time in the city of fountains.

Do you wish to stroll through the streets of your little burg and value its architectural, as well as openly declare its moral esthetics…or do you feign acknowledgement of these deceits and then shamelessly wallow in its veiled quaintness and sip from the Kool-Aid cup of myopic ignorance, your officials wish you to swallow?

The case of the Columbus Stocking Strangler is not the first of its kind…it is not original. Do your research or simply avail yourselves of the research already done on your behalf. It’s patterned characteristics and MO’s are identical to another celebrated killing spree… the Boston Strangling’s. And no… Albert De Salvo is not the legendary “Strangler” you believe him to be; quite the contrary. See why and who in Columbus had connections to his case! And that’s just the tiny tip of your Southern homicidal ice berg! It has fingerlings that reach to Colorado and Texas…the Florida keys and the lighthouses of Maine and Michigan.

Want to know who in your town killed those women…who helped him (them) do it and how… who really died and who is still alive and laughing behind your backs? Or, about how this case has a direct and very debauched link to the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases, the abduction of Johnny Gosh and the Oakland County Child Killings?

Why, I’m shocked you say! How could this be true and not have law enforcement and attorneys fumbling all over themselves to get to the bottom of this diabolical plot? Well…that’s because some of them were once a party to your killer’s festivities! Literally!

Let’s talk about the Sphinxes and the yellow house–the awkward rooms it held. Let’s talk about the artistic endeavors in your town and the salacious confidences it holds. Let’s talk about landscapers and underground tunnels…old women and pillows…comic books and cadavers…the poetic license and the license to kill. Let’s talk about whispered words of pedophilia and sex trafficking. Let’s say the word, FOX and understand what and where that means to your killers.

Let’s talk about the colors of red and green and the tendrils of evil and sanctimonious staging in your courtrooms, your crime scenes and your back alleys. Your government and ours training and experimenting with the early Germanic strains of MK ULTRA and leaving their psychotic leftovers to roam the country, searching for their next ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘Dorothy from Oz’.

If the movie, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” cast an eerie shadow over the city of Savannah…what on earth might the title for your backdrop be? how close to the truth is Netflix’s, “Stranger Things”?

The re-release of “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” will explain it all, from corresponding burning barrels in the night, to kill marks in a faded station wagon, to car dealers who traded virtue and trade-ins for cocaine and access and government officials helping to hide and manipulate evidence.

Let’s talk about what really happened in that, “jungle room” and why somebody flew from Columbus to California when they were gifted with a reminder of their evil days on the western coast. Let’s talk about Californian cab drivers and Memphis pyramids…hog jowls and hog ties…naked bodies and river banks…theatre stages and Thelemite altars…butcher knives and bush axes…lady’s stockings and women’s fur coats and how many other men sit in prison for their dealings?

Here’s riddle for you! If so many are part of the preparation and so few of you with your hands on the throttle…if two of you actually die and one of you lies about it…who is left holding the bag?

You hear me out there? Legally, you are the one(s) left standing in the circle…just like in your beloved “ring of roses”!

And speaking of roses…especially the kind that like sunsets and Facebook…your secrets are now a part of literary and legal documentation…want to know how much? I’ll send you both a copy of the book…I have your addresses already!

To be sure–all information and actionable evidence has been responsibly turned over to attorneys and appropriate law enforcement agencies, who can be trusted with its value and merit. If you are one of them, you already know all this and are duty bound to follow through on your mission statements. If you work for one of those agencies and don’t have this information yet…look around at the people you work with and ask yourself why?

Which among you was part of the original secret? Which one of you has blood ties or obligations that bind you to lie? Which of you danced on the edge in the underground parties that preyed on small children…or titillated at the thought of removing elderly matrons and connections and obsessions that bound you to certain obfuscations?

How much longer can you hide from the encroaching truth?

Like I said, the moon tonight is full. It shines light in the dark corners of the histories we avoid- upturns the careful webbings of our secrets. What changes will it bring to Columbus? Who hides in its shadows that will finally be seen for the participants they were and the culpable caveats they continue to be?

In order to serve justice, those in justice must be served…the truth.

Brave enough to read about it

Truth truly is stranger than fiction…buy the book and find out why!

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