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They always do in the end!

July 30, 2010

I know it seems as though I have abandoned Charley… but I haven’t. Charley and I have an understanding. We each have a deadline to meet, so our mission is clear. He will continue to give me clues and I will continue to piece things together until the puzzle is completed. Thus far it has been an amicable arrangement and I believe we have served each other’s interests well as I am now down to only a few pieces missing. With the help of R, we have accomplished a great deal during this brief sojourn, but now it is time to get down to brass tacks. Tomorrow is my last day of a particular project and so I will be free to occupy my mind with other after hour concerns for a few weeks- but not long as I am going back to school to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. Odd as it may sound, it was one of the first confirmations that I got back from Charley and I will be forever grateful to him that he gave me the prompt of encouragement to go through with it. So the clock begins ticking once again tomorrow and we all know what that means! Deadlines… and Charley never misses a deadline!

So to Charley I now say…thank you dear friend for all that you have bequeathed me thus far, but I need your help again. I need for you to help me ‘flesh out’ the “MOT” situation further, solve the mystery of the child and the chandelier – identify the woman standing with broken glass in her hands. And though I totally get the whole reason for the “man who owns a small fishing boat”… I need more help understanding the meaning behind the two roses, the owner of the small white poodle and the necklace engraved with a “V” on it.

I could call the grim reaper and ask him about these few small boons, but he’s not talking to me anymore. No matter- eventually someone will talk.
They always do in the end! And as always- I will be the one there to listen.

P.S. Message to Rox- don’t be afraid to go through Charley. He knows how to find me!
Until later then…

A kiss upon your lips…

July 28, 2010


If you were going to send some pretty young thing to her death…
Would you send her off with a kiss upon her lips?
Or your hands around her throat?

The answer is both.
The question is…who already knew the answer to this query?

Until later then…

Moore’s Ford Bridge Massacre…

July 27, 2010

Tomorrow is the anniversary date for the 1946 Moore’s Ford Bridge Massacre; the last mass lynching in America committed at the Walton and Oconee line. Four African Americans were slaughtered in broad daylight by the Klan for want of a few votes for Talmage in the gubernatorial race of that year.

Read the book The Danburg Diary and help keep another famous unsolved FBI murder(s) case in the spotlight. Go to and order it now.

As for Charley and his murder…
He’s still talking. I am still listening and I am disgusted at what it is he has to share, but I will continue to listen because there is another victim in this case that needs my help. To her I say also… I will not rest till your death is vindicated and your bones brought to rest in sacred ground!

Until later then…

Catchy tune, don’t you think Valdosta?

July 23, 2010


From the first session with R:
“…. I drink slowly from my cup of hot chocolate and try to keep my brain from exploding.

I asked to redirect. She nodded and said yes.

Can he show and/or present to you whether what happened to him was over business or domestic issues?

She tells me he shows her both, though G = death.

Again, he goes back to the older man LT and the younger law enforcement officer.
He shows her the younger male got pleasure from pulling the trigger- took pleasure in the beating and the killing. He shows her at least three who volunteered to take him out. Several people who would have volunteered to do it. He is in their way-causing a problem. He motions with his hands. He pulls it all towards that woman.
He shows her the black widow—she has manipulated the situation.
G = black widow…”

I add this to my most recent information about a set of lakes and the possibility of another body missing. The phrases, “…He shows at least three who volunteered to do it…Several people who would have volunteered to do it… He is in their way-causing a problem.”
This intrigues me, because why would somebody else have to die, if killing Charley eventually got them what they wanted—the MOT?

Unless of course… the missing body has something to do with the MOT! Now that would be something to sing about! Do the dead sing? We have discussed this before and I now believe one of their favorite songs begins something like this…

“Roxanne… you don’t have to turn on the red light… Roxanne….” Boy, I just love that song. I could hum it all day long!

Catchy tune, don’t you think? I’ll bet a lot of the Valdosta law enforcement men used to sing that song back then. Think some of them can still hum a few bars? Bet they wish they’d never heard it the first time! Too bad for them I can’t seem to get it out of my mind…


What a shoe!

July 22, 2010


Have you ever had a day in your life where on the outside… everything went about its merry way and to the rest of the world all was fine and well, but on the inside there was a part of you that was waiting for the other shoe to drop- because of something you knew… or something you did that you thought nobody else would ever find out about?

Can you imagine the size of shoe that could be dropped if it had 44 years for it to wait… to grow…and to fester?

I can!

Silence is deafening…

July 20, 2010

My mother in law used to say,”… the silence is deafening…”

I always say, “… it all depends on what you’re listening for!”

The grim reaper knows…

July 18, 2010

Ok… so in order for me to completely understand the secret that has been given, I needed to go back to other sessions and filter through some of the more elusive readings. As stated before, I am somewhat limited to the amount of people left still alive who remember events from 1966… But that will not stop me!

Let’s take another look:

“…The little blonde headed girl that fell down a ravine- her mother is significant
A woman holding the broken pieces of a chandelier in her hands
A man who owned a small fishing boat that may have seen something
The man who drives the fire truck knows
A certain call number- swirling police lights and surrounded by lakes
A man who dies of a heart attack in bed
The numbers 19 and 1545…”

Want to know what all these have in common? I think we should ask the grim reaper- he claims to know everything.
By the way grim reaper… got any tobacco for my pipe? I seem to have run out!

Until later then…

The last time I told Charley I was listening…

July 17, 2010


The last time I told Charley I was listening… talk to me… talk to me- he did! He not only talked, but he brought me R so he could describe everything that happened to him the night of his murder. Yesterday I told him I acknowledged the first secret of June- which was a doozie by the way! And knowing that, now feel as if I were caught in some kind of a holding pattern; that I would try to be still inside and wait for him to reveal the second hidden secret- the secret of July.

As always, he delivered. Hours after posting my thoughts, I received three different messages from three different sources. Without being melodramatic or hysterical in my responses to what was revealed, I can tell you this…

If this is still only the tip of the iceberg? Then the iceberg is now roughly the size of the state of Texas and there are more secrets and more victims than just Charley. And to top it all off, the MOT is standing right in the center of them!

Looks like another visit will be necessary soon. Anyone up for a little “fishing” trip?

The second hidden secret of July!

July 16, 2010


Earlier this year a numerology report hinted that a hidden secret would be revealed to me sometime during the month of June and then again another in the month of July. My quandary became; were these great revelations meant for this case or for something more personal? And that got me to thinking…

Time tends to slip away when there are too many or too few things going on in one’s life and I was concerned that in my recent chaos I had begun to lose the thread that binds Charley and me. That somehow knowing certain key elements of this case now has perhaps weakened our cosmic connection. That thought bothered me. Because first of all, I have much still to garner from this process and second that Charley has become my concierge to another world. A world that I cannot imagine… a world that I cannot touch, but that I continue to be touched by.

In numerological terms, we are at the end of a nine year cycle and in this particular segue there will be all sorts of things set aside in an effort to make room for new things. It is time for the letting go, in order that the cycles are completed and that new slates can be written upon without the leftovers of another cycle clogging our progress. Leftovers like bad habits that need to be replaced with new habits. Jobs or careers that no longer feed our souls should be re-evaluated for their actual worth and either revamped or replaced. Relationships that bring more pain than do they joy, should be weighed carefully for their quantitative value… people who are toxic and nay-sayers in our lives should be left to their own folly as we move past them into a new space that breeds only positive energy and support for our evolution. Like a snake we must shed all that has not worked for us and look forward to cultivating all that can. It is the process of letting go and letting God, so to speak.

When I started this project, R told me it would be life altering. Indeed, it has been that and more. Charley has taught me more through his death, than I fear I might have learned from him in his life. Why? Because we tend not to listen to what is being told, nor see what is being shown until its form and its medium are so foreign to us that we elevate its value to something mystical. The answer to a hidden secret was revealed to me in June. One very important secret that has remained hidden for 44 years.

In these quiet moments in between Charley’s communications… I must learn to be comfortable with the stillness inside and listen with single-mindedness for the next revelation- the second hidden secret of July!
I’m listening Charley. Talk to me… talk to me.

Aaaahhhhh… the plot thickens!

July 14, 2010

Today has begun with snippets of memories, dreams and premonitions fluttering about inside my mind like psychotic butterflies on a windy day.
Things like; the smell of jar paste from kindergarten days, candy corn from some long lost Halloween outing… the smell of fresh cut hay and the scent of saddle leather in the summer’s heat. Two weeks ago my husband had a heart attack, two weeks from now a daughter will get married and all the while, the two younger are slipping through my fingers like grains of sand shifting on a island shore. All this is random sequence and then from slumber, I awake with one recurring theme on my mind- the MOT.
The MOT has followed me in thought for days. I can only assume this is a prodding from Charley and so with some of the more rudimentary tasks completed in this project, I will renew my focus on this character and see what remains to be seen. The MOT is a very integral part in this puzzle. I would say, go ask the “ostrich”, but we all know how violent he can become when caged. So, independent study must be the lure of the day. I am most curious about his placement in this affair. I am certain there is a connectin between the grim reaper, the orstrich and the MOT. Where the MOT makes his entrance now becomes more important than how the MOT made his exit… and since only a few of us know the truth about that, I will leave a clue for you to decipher. For that though, you must do a little homework of your own. Seek and learn the four cannons of death.
1) ______________
2) ______________
3) ____________
4) _______________

Go to the fourth and then find the last possibility. That should pique your curiosity!

So, when Charley said, ‘the trail will lead to MOT’; I imagine he did not want me to stop there. I confess that life has gotten in the way of my living of late… but can now rededicate myself to the following task. To track down more information about the MOT- I must decipher the meaning of the word, “watch”, and then work backwards from there. I shall begin with the rudimentary cornerstones of identification; birth, death…family, friends, career, hobbies and then build outward.
I know many things about our mysterious MOT already. His connection to Tifton, his destination of Valdosta, his burial someplace else all together!!! His connection to some of our key players in this case.
When you figure out what he died of… your eyes will thin with eagerness, your cheeks drain and become sallow with fright. The trail to discovery will begin to narrow. And the trail as always leads us back to…

Now if I told you that… you would be in danger too! Don’t think so?
What is the last possibility of demise from the fourth cannon of death? Do you really need me to answer that question now that you know???
I thought not!

Aaaahhhhh… the plot thickens!

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