Aaaahhhhh… the plot thickens!

Today has begun with snippets of memories, dreams and premonitions fluttering about inside my mind like psychotic butterflies on a windy day.
Things like; the smell of jar paste from kindergarten days, candy corn from some long lost Halloween outing… the smell of fresh cut hay and the scent of saddle leather in the summer’s heat. Two weeks ago my husband had a heart attack, two weeks from now a daughter will get married and all the while, the two younger are slipping through my fingers like grains of sand shifting on a island shore. All this is random sequence and then from slumber, I awake with one recurring theme on my mind- the MOT.
The MOT has followed me in thought for days. I can only assume this is a prodding from Charley and so with some of the more rudimentary tasks completed in this project, I will renew my focus on this character and see what remains to be seen. The MOT is a very integral part in this puzzle. I would say, go ask the “ostrich”, but we all know how violent he can become when caged. So, independent study must be the lure of the day. I am most curious about his placement in this affair. I am certain there is a connectin between the grim reaper, the orstrich and the MOT. Where the MOT makes his entrance now becomes more important than how the MOT made his exit… and since only a few of us know the truth about that, I will leave a clue for you to decipher. For that though, you must do a little homework of your own. Seek and learn the four cannons of death.
1) ______________
2) ______________
3) ____________
4) _______________

Go to the fourth and then find the last possibility. That should pique your curiosity!

So, when Charley said, ‘the trail will lead to MOT’; I imagine he did not want me to stop there. I confess that life has gotten in the way of my living of late… but can now rededicate myself to the following task. To track down more information about the MOT- I must decipher the meaning of the word, “watch”, and then work backwards from there. I shall begin with the rudimentary cornerstones of identification; birth, death…family, friends, career, hobbies and then build outward.
I know many things about our mysterious MOT already. His connection to Tifton, his destination of Valdosta, his burial someplace else all together!!! His connection to some of our key players in this case.
When you figure out what he died of… your eyes will thin with eagerness, your cheeks drain and become sallow with fright. The trail to discovery will begin to narrow. And the trail as always leads us back to…

Now if I told you that… you would be in danger too! Don’t think so?
What is the last possibility of demise from the fourth cannon of death? Do you really need me to answer that question now that you know???
I thought not!

Aaaahhhhh… the plot thickens!

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