The second hidden secret of July!


Earlier this year a numerology report hinted that a hidden secret would be revealed to me sometime during the month of June and then again another in the month of July. My quandary became; were these great revelations meant for this case or for something more personal? And that got me to thinking…

Time tends to slip away when there are too many or too few things going on in one’s life and I was concerned that in my recent chaos I had begun to lose the thread that binds Charley and me. That somehow knowing certain key elements of this case now has perhaps weakened our cosmic connection. That thought bothered me. Because first of all, I have much still to garner from this process and second that Charley has become my concierge to another world. A world that I cannot imagine… a world that I cannot touch, but that I continue to be touched by.

In numerological terms, we are at the end of a nine year cycle and in this particular segue there will be all sorts of things set aside in an effort to make room for new things. It is time for the letting go, in order that the cycles are completed and that new slates can be written upon without the leftovers of another cycle clogging our progress. Leftovers like bad habits that need to be replaced with new habits. Jobs or careers that no longer feed our souls should be re-evaluated for their actual worth and either revamped or replaced. Relationships that bring more pain than do they joy, should be weighed carefully for their quantitative value… people who are toxic and nay-sayers in our lives should be left to their own folly as we move past them into a new space that breeds only positive energy and support for our evolution. Like a snake we must shed all that has not worked for us and look forward to cultivating all that can. It is the process of letting go and letting God, so to speak.

When I started this project, R told me it would be life altering. Indeed, it has been that and more. Charley has taught me more through his death, than I fear I might have learned from him in his life. Why? Because we tend not to listen to what is being told, nor see what is being shown until its form and its medium are so foreign to us that we elevate its value to something mystical. The answer to a hidden secret was revealed to me in June. One very important secret that has remained hidden for 44 years.

In these quiet moments in between Charley’s communications… I must learn to be comfortable with the stillness inside and listen with single-mindedness for the next revelation- the second hidden secret of July!
I’m listening Charley. Talk to me… talk to me.

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