The last time I told Charley I was listening…


The last time I told Charley I was listening… talk to me… talk to me- he did! He not only talked, but he brought me R so he could describe everything that happened to him the night of his murder. Yesterday I told him I acknowledged the first secret of June- which was a doozie by the way! And knowing that, now feel as if I were caught in some kind of a holding pattern; that I would try to be still inside and wait for him to reveal the second hidden secret- the secret of July.

As always, he delivered. Hours after posting my thoughts, I received three different messages from three different sources. Without being melodramatic or hysterical in my responses to what was revealed, I can tell you this…

If this is still only the tip of the iceberg? Then the iceberg is now roughly the size of the state of Texas and there are more secrets and more victims than just Charley. And to top it all off, the MOT is standing right in the center of them!

Looks like another visit will be necessary soon. Anyone up for a little “fishing” trip?

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