The grim reaper knows…

Ok… so in order for me to completely understand the secret that has been given, I needed to go back to other sessions and filter through some of the more elusive readings. As stated before, I am somewhat limited to the amount of people left still alive who remember events from 1966… But that will not stop me!

Let’s take another look:

“…The little blonde headed girl that fell down a ravine- her mother is significant
A woman holding the broken pieces of a chandelier in her hands
A man who owned a small fishing boat that may have seen something
The man who drives the fire truck knows
A certain call number- swirling police lights and surrounded by lakes
A man who dies of a heart attack in bed
The numbers 19 and 1545…”

Want to know what all these have in common? I think we should ask the grim reaper- he claims to know everything.
By the way grim reaper… got any tobacco for my pipe? I seem to have run out!

Until later then…

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