Today I cross another milestone- a private one- and I am reminded that everyday there must be a measure of trust in order for all parties to profit from an experience. Just as I trust my husband, there must be a measure of trust between partners of another sort; business or common interest… but especially between law enforcement partners. Incredible isn’t it that through all this there is very little said and/or known about Charley’s partner. He is alive and he has been called to be interviewed; yet he has never returned them. Wonder why?
I will try again as I have questions that perhaps only he can answer. Like where was he that night? Why did he not get a hold of Charley after his meal at the Roosevelt Restaurant? Weren’t they on stand – by that weekend?
Hazel’s journal reports that other officers were already in the field working other cases, but that Charley and Paul were the two left on stand-by; asked to keep vigil while a truck of raw materials was being tracked into Georgia from out of state. When Charley got the call that it had pulled over in between two buildings in Athens for the night, he was remanded to check in every two hours and that his partner should check in with him every two hours as well.
The last call Paul made to Charley was around 4:30, to let Charley know he was going out to grab a bite. Charley decide to do the same and took the kids to Shoney’s for spaghetti. After that there is no mention of another call from Paul. Now remember; both Sheriff’s Department and State Patrol were on the same radio frequency as Charley and Paul’s government cars. If Charley left the house at 8:55pm and was never heard from again… can’t you imagine there were at least one or two exchanges made on Charley’s radio that should have been heard by our mysterious partner? Think about it. You don’t make your call every two hours to check in by phone, even though that was your specific order from your superior. What reason is there for you not to comply? How do we know he did not comply? Because Hazel was the only one left at the house to answer the phone and there were no call recorded from Paul coming in- but there were several frantic calls made to him by her that night that were never answered. And even if there had been one to come in that Hazel knew nothing about before Charley left the house that night… that would have placed the call somewhere before the hour of 8:00 as she gives sequential evidence as to Charley’s whereabouts and other phone conversations before the moment of his departure. If we follow the timelines for check-ins as set by Charley and his superiors…shouldn’t there then have been at least one more follow up call made by Paul that night that could be verified by the widow???

No additional call was ever identified or recorded by Hazel.
Not at 6:30pm… not at 7:30pm… not at 8:30pm… or at 9:30 pm… or 10:30pm… or 11:30pm… or 12:00am… or 1:00am…
The last call we can confirm from Charley’s partner came in at 4:30 pm.
Again; Charley left the house at 8:55 pm and was never heard from again.
Oddly enough… neither was Paul. Weeks after Charley’s death, he was quietly transferred to Tennessee.


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