Moore’s Ford Bridge Massacre…

Tomorrow is the anniversary date for the 1946 Moore’s Ford Bridge Massacre; the last mass lynching in America committed at the Walton and Oconee line. Four African Americans were slaughtered in broad daylight by the Klan for want of a few votes for Talmage in the gubernatorial race of that year.

Read the book The Danburg Diary and help keep another famous unsolved FBI murder(s) case in the spotlight. Go to and order it now.

As for Charley and his murder…
He’s still talking. I am still listening and I am disgusted at what it is he has to share, but I will continue to listen because there is another victim in this case that needs my help. To her I say also… I will not rest till your death is vindicated and your bones brought to rest in sacred ground!

Until later then…

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