They always do in the end!

I know it seems as though I have abandoned Charley… but I haven’t. Charley and I have an understanding. We each have a deadline to meet, so our mission is clear. He will continue to give me clues and I will continue to piece things together until the puzzle is completed. Thus far it has been an amicable arrangement and I believe we have served each other’s interests well as I am now down to only a few pieces missing. With the help of R, we have accomplished a great deal during this brief sojourn, but now it is time to get down to brass tacks. Tomorrow is my last day of a particular project and so I will be free to occupy my mind with other after hour concerns for a few weeks- but not long as I am going back to school to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. Odd as it may sound, it was one of the first confirmations that I got back from Charley and I will be forever grateful to him that he gave me the prompt of encouragement to go through with it. So the clock begins ticking once again tomorrow and we all know what that means! Deadlines… and Charley never misses a deadline!

So to Charley I now say…thank you dear friend for all that you have bequeathed me thus far, but I need your help again. I need for you to help me ‘flesh out’ the “MOT” situation further, solve the mystery of the child and the chandelier – identify the woman standing with broken glass in her hands. And though I totally get the whole reason for the “man who owns a small fishing boat”… I need more help understanding the meaning behind the two roses, the owner of the small white poodle and the necklace engraved with a “V” on it.

I could call the grim reaper and ask him about these few small boons, but he’s not talking to me anymore. No matter- eventually someone will talk.
They always do in the end! And as always- I will be the one there to listen.

P.S. Message to Rox- don’t be afraid to go through Charley. He knows how to find me!
Until later then…

One Response to “They always do in the end!”

  1. brownstonelit Says:

    No… but stay tuned! This thing is heating up!!! This is a real time investigation of murders committed 44 years ago and about their cover-up!

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