Having asked… I now wait.


According to numerology this should be quite a month. I believe the words used for these first ten days were, “quite a bumpy ride”. So, I am going to try and pace myself for the onslaught as there is an electric energy in this particular slippage towards the end of the year. As stated before, this is the end of a 9 year cycle and so there will be a great deal of endings and an even greater deal of new beginnings.

All things move forward or they are left behind. It is a natural law and it tells us clearly what sort of individual we are and where we fall within our own evolutionary path. I see huge revelations coming to fruition in this case- quick bursts of information that will put this back on the path to where we should be at this point. I will take today to prepare as I can see in Charley’s eyes that he has yet to drop the other shoe- but he is ready to have this finished so that he may be about his own evolution.

Do I know what it is he wishes to share? I am not certain, but I know that whenever I ask questions, he always finds a way of subtly revealing the answers so I wait for his next move. In doing so, I will lay out my questions here and we shall see how well a courier of thought I have become.

Did you know about the MOT before your death?
Did you know about Rox before your death?
Did the MOT know Rox and was the “V” from him?
Was it the evidence on Rox or the MOT that the shooter went after you for?
Who else knows about, “the lady of the lake”?
Is the little blonde girl who fell in the ravine and the long blonde haired girl with the roses and poodle one in the same?
Is our pipe smoker the laundering factor in all this?
Did G do the introductions for Rox?
Was the energy known as LT as lucky as his rabbit’s foot charm would have us believe?

And most importantly…
What concrete evidence can you afford me so that I can finally nail the grim reaper?

Having asked… I now wait.
Until later then.

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