It takes a village…

July 23,

It takes a

This case
has gone from a small-town mystery to a suspected statewide conspiracy
involving people from as far south as Valdosta,
to the northern outskirts of Atlanta.
It is even plausible that it involved participants just across the
Georgia/Florida border. It may have only taken one man to shoot Charley… but
it took him and several others to stage the crime scene. Add that to the 4 in
flannel who did their best to snuff out the lives of two young women and beat another
man so brutally that he died of a heart attack…. toss in a handful of several
local law and perhaps federal law enforcement officers and sprinkle with a few
state court officials who averted their eyes and kept their yaps shut… and
you have a small- but exceptionally corrupt village!

While I have
never been a fan of Hilary Clinton… she may have gotten this one right! It
appears it really does take a village after all! Who knew?

but that’s just the beginning!

It may have only
taken a village to commit these murders, but it has taken an entire statewide
conspiracy and 46 years to cover them up! Say what you will- you gotta admire
professionals and after all, they did do a might spiffy job of this for quite
sometime now.

Isn’t it a
shame they’re all about to find out- it didn’t work? Course… that’s just the
ones still alive; the dead ones already got away with murder- though I’m
betting they didn’t once they got to the other side. Karma’s a real bitch! Back
to the live ones- think how old you all are now.  Hmmmm… Spend your golden years in prison!
Sounds like a really bad travel ad or even better, a really good title for
another book, huh? Even still- sucks for them. You build a family- a career- a
legacy… all based on lies. What will your wives and ex-wives think? What will
your children and your grandchildren think of what you did to another human
being? Most of your cronies are dead- they knew but they held their tongues
till the graves. You’ve got no one left to feign your innocence to- but the
innocent themselves. How will you explain yourselves to them?

I killed
this man because he knew things about me I couldn’t bear the world to know? Say it with me, Grim.


Well… my dear lads- the world will know now and very soon. Charley’s calendar
is running short of pages to turn.

A riddle for

What does
the date July 21st, the Grim Reaper and Albert Einstein all have in

You wouldn’t
believe me if I told you… but I will… soon!


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