We are but a breath apart in death…


It is just seconds shy of midnight and while I have been writing now for hours… I am compelled to stop before slumber and write to you all to tell you how blessed I am. This week I have been privileged again to accompany another great soul into the hereafter and while I was not close to this woman… I know what waits beyond for her and wish her well in her travels.
As for those who have already passed, I am here for you. Charley has spoken some this week. He tells me that the 17th will bring a shift to this investigation and I am eager to see where it will lead. I have also heard from another source that has recently crossed, and for whatever Karma she now serves… we will all benefit as she is helping me with Charley’s murder. She knew of Jessica and Roxanne and while she was not gracious in her appraisals of them on this plane- I am certain now she sees they were but young women lost to the way. She tells me Roxanne was murdered on the 7th of October at the base of the tree where everyone carved their names- the one so near to the clubhouse that you can see it from there. She shows me that and that the number 77 is also significant. What badge did that number grace? And on whose chest was it worn? And she wanted the men to know about Albert too. I need only ask…
You cannot hide from me. M will tell me what I need to know. She tells me about the coffee can- the coffee grounds in the F/U message that was sent to Hazel- (Charley’s widow) in the kitchen of Charley’s home. She talks about the loose canon with the penchant for Russia Roulette- the fourth in flannel!

And while M is doing her best to help from afar, my mother sends wishes that we let our worries and concerns about the events on Valentines Day go- the Valentine’s Day in the year of my father’s death. This she gives as message for my sister. For me, she laughs and tells me to fix the blind in my laundry room that has been driving me nuts.

I have so much to be thankful for. I have my family and my faith… and while those of you who worry that I have some how crossed the line… fear not. I am more grounded now than ever before in life. I know that love does not end at what we perceive as the end of life. We are but a breath apart in death.

Thank you Charley…
Thank you Rachael…
Thank you both for teaching me that I have so much more to do with my life than what I have already done.

I was writing about you today, Grim. You always said you wanted to be in a book. Well baby- you got in it alright! It’s not really the part you’d thought you’d play… but then you never really knew… what it was…I knew!

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