Another day, another clue…


Ok… for some of you who can’t count, the  “25 Clues to Christmas” doesn’t really start until December 1st. Get it? Twenty five clues…December 25th?

Ok, but since you bothered to tune in today the least I can do is throw another clue your way to keep you coming back. Let’s see, what shall I toss out today? First of all, know that some very  interesting folks are watching and reading this. Why do I say that? Mostly so that Grim knows that he has fans. Not necessarily the kind he’d like these days, but then…I have no control over that at this point anymore.

Now- back to a clue.

Ahhhhhhhh, here’s one.



Clue question: How many weapons does it take the bad guys to take out one good guy?*

(* WOW- trick question, huh? I guess if you know the answer to this one- you were probably there that night! If not…no fair reading the GBI Crime Lab Report- the ORIGINAL one, I mean. That would be cheating!)

Oh, BTW’s…I’m wrapping your present, Grim. I’ll send it soon!

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