The 25 days of Christmas Clues!


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and besides all the cliché things we always say we are grateful for…I am grateful for a dead man named, Charley.

I am grateful to Charley because four years ago life was very different for me. Lost internally I had no real compass to guide me. Devoid of true joy and wavering in my faith I plowed through my days like a work horse doing my job, raising my kids and keeping the family glued together. Was it enough? No. Was it plugging the holes in my soul? No…nothing seemed to be able to put me back on track after the loss of my parents.

Then I found Charley…or rather my mother brought Charley to me. In his death I have found new life… my faith and my joy again. How all this from one little dead guy? Because Charley is my shepherd- my gatekeeper, my guardian angel. Charley saved me by allowing me to see his mistakes, his trials, his miseries and his joys. Charley allowed my life to benefit from his death, by allowing me to learn from his mistakes and to spend my hours worrying about someone other than me. He gave me the chance to put someone else first- not in a trite way, but really put somebody ahead of me. In using every talent and brain cell to work on this case, I was able to walk away from my hurt and concentrate on his. It became his loss- not mine- his angst- not mine. Charley died before his children knew him, before his wife could forgive him. I realised my trials were small- my losses- while difficult-a most naural progession of  our journey here. My parents died according to a heavenly plan. They lived wonderful, full  lives and gave great love as they came and went in their sojourn.

There is no greater gift than a man laying down his life for a friend…Charley’s life was taken that another’s might flourish. It was a gift that waited 44 years to find me. For such a gift I am grateful. Through working on his murder I have been bequeathed with honorable friendships, deep abiding love and appreciaition for this thing we call family, a new apprailsal of marriage and being an honorable spouse. He gave me  a sense of realism; that none of us  come to the altar perfect and that we rise each day to write a new ending to our lives. Apart from all this- the fellow has a keen sense of humor that I enjoy- a compassionate heart and a determination to clean the slates of everyone involved in this conspiracy. Yes- everyone, Grim.

My dearest friend- without doubt you are one of the truest blessings in my life- my daily grace. I cannot tell you how dear you are to me. With you… I breathe easier- with you I think better, love better, try harder, cherish more and no longer fear where I am headed. With all this- I thank you. Now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s get back to business and get out there and kick some leftover turkey butt! I want somebody giving it all up before Christmas and I’m going to make them all as uncomfortable as possible until they do!

Let’s call it…The 25 days of Christmas Clues! Ha! I love it.

OK, let’s start.  Now remember… there are 4 in flannel and a whole host of perpheral folk who helped pull this all off. Think beyond Grim. Remember  the victims…Charley, Jessica, Roxanne, the MOT and maybe Mr. Bugman too.

Ready? Here goes.



Choose one of the 4 in flannel



Clue #1: When writing a letter, it is traditional to sign off with your signature. If you have an afterthought you wish to add… it is called a what?

Got it?

Now, abbreviate that and then reverse it.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…time is running out. Only 24 more clues- 24 more days of clues.

Hey Valdosta… how do you feel about KINDLE? Then anybody can down load Grim’s butt for a few lousy dollars. There will be no place to hide…no place to shop, or eat, or pray. Everyone will know who you are and what you have done. I am thinking about it, but still holding out for the book/movie deal. You always wanted to be in a movie, right Grim? That’s what you told folks.

Go down with dignity man- call me before it’s too late and you can’t control how any of this gets out. You know my number.

Happy Turkey

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