What is it that is about to happen?


The days have been crazy lately filled with nostalgia and impromptu visits from my mother and Charley and I have been ever so grateful. Again… much is afoot within the cosmos as I have once again heard my angel song; once on Saturday and again this morning. I know that my mother’s Birthday is in two days- that Thanksgiving is just after and the Birthday of my Cosmic Twin just after that… but it’s more than the sum of all three.  It’s something else that is in the air. So why the heads up? Why play that song for me? What is it they are asking me to take note of? Watch for… listen to? What is it that is about to happen?

The angel song means something. Do you remember it? It is the Adam Lambert song, ‘What Do You Want From Me?”

I have come a long way from the first time I heard it. No longer do I scream at the sky, “What do you want from me?”  I know what they want of me and it is no less than I want from myself. I want to call Charley’s killers out by name. I want the book ready for publishing and I want those still alive to know the shame of what they have done and for those who are dead– to know that their names and reputations will now rot along with them. I want those who have spent their lives in fear of them to sing from the rafters like beautiful uncaged canaries!

Tell your story Valdosta! Tell these men who used young women as bait that you will not stand for their disgrace… tell them that the lives that they took meant something to somebody. Tell them that the truth refuses to die with their victims. Tell them that you want the world to know who they are and what they have done. And as for the woman? Tell her that Charley was not hers to take. Charley had a family…Charley had a life and a future. Tell her that she led those young girls down a road she had no right to. Tell her that a woman’s bedroom should be kept as sacred as her heart.

Tell them or tell me…either way I will listen and applaud your efforts.

Charley has given me the four fingers, which means I have nailed my 4 in flannel. I know the who… the when… the why and the how of what happened that night on October 9, 1966. Oh dear readers, you are in for a treat!  Let’s just say the book opens with coffee drinking at the Plaza Café and ends with…

Now, you didn’t really think I would tell you, did you? Don’t be silly! I want you to buy the book!!! And besides… I know Grim is just dying to find out how it ends. Let me give you a hint.

Roxanne knows.

Jessica knows.

The MOT knows.

The Bug man knows.

Charley knows… and so do I!

Trust me Grim… it’s a real page turner. It took you 46 years to cover it up…but it only took me 4 to unravel it! So what am I grateful for this Thanksgiving besides family? My closest friends; some of which are theatre rats just like me, some fellow forensic students and other writers, some are lawyers and retired law enforcement…and then of course there are my 6 favorites:




Bug Man


And most of all…R!

Blessings for you all!

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