And then came the light…


And then came the light…

I had a magnificient tale to tell you tonight. A tale full of mystery and intrigue. A tale about a man who was murdered on the Clyattville -Nankin Raod and the 4 men who sought to silence all those before and after him.

A tale about…


The Shooter

The man with the muddy boots

And finally…the 4th in flannel who has now been revealed and confirmed! Infact when I said his name- Charley held up 4 fingers which gave me the nod I needed. It was just like Charley said- to find the 4th- look in the car!

Want a bigger clue?

Just so you know who I am talking about Grim?

Let’s just say- “See the world…drive a  BUICK!” He was with you and the Shooter at the lake with Roxanne, remember? He wore the gold cufflinks- the monogrammed shirt and the camel colored coat. Yea… that guy! Real tall too. It was difficult for Roxanne to look up so far from under water- specially with her neck all twisted and broke like that, but she did. And so did the little girl with the long straight brown hair and barefeet. She saw it all. Did you know? She came out of the woods when the lights were twirling, but you were all too busy to notice her.

She has much to say too!

If you haven’t bought your pair of DEPNDS yet, you better get your sorry ass to the store quick, Grim- because the ______ is about to hit the fan!

(P.S. I would have written more but a German Shepherd puppy decided to have a play date with a skunk tonight. She is not hapy and I am not happy with her! Just how much tomatoe juice does it take??? ARGH!!)

By the way…Charley said to look inside his wallet, go to the third piece of paper and look  at the second name. Then he circled it.

I could tell you whose it is, but that wouldn’t be fair.

What can I say? So many clues… so little time. By the way –what does the “puppet-master,” the burning door #432 , a pretty red sports car, two dead hookers, a dead revenue agent, a dead golfer, a dead night club owner and the end of the money trail all have in common? Oh- besides Valdosta and Grim, of course?

An apartment building with a pool: #___________ to be exact!

Good night Grim- sleep tight!

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