Thank you again…



Thank you to the hundreds of people who courageously stepped forward with information.  May your bravery be rewarded and not judged.

I read a sign last night that gives me courage this was the right thing to do …

“If you stand up for something you believe in and face the light- the shadows will have to fall behind you.”

May you all one day have the courage to defend what is right and to stand up for something you believe in.

Thank you again.





Copyright 2009



This book was inspired by actual historic events contained in the public record, media archives, Covington familial archives, retrieved from Covington family interviews, and/or legal documents surrounding the death of Federal Treasury Agent, Charles G. Covington. Certain dialogue, events and characters were created or combined for the purpose of dramatization and to veil the identity of those persons still living who requested to remain anonymous until the case is officially solved and/or closed. Similarly, the chronology of some events have been condensed and/or edited for the purpose of clarity. Many of the names and places in this book, even those that have appeared within the public domain, courtroom documents, and/or print media have been altered to protect the innocent related to, and/or once associated with persons of interest. The book is written from the author’s personal perspective and based on her individual experience(s) while researching Mr. Covington’s case, and is in no way meant to reflect and/or represent the collective experience, and/or beliefs of the Covington family.

This text is written in chronological order and the paranormal events that happened to the author and her family in her home while researching and writing of this book were real. Information, anecdotal and/or otherwise received from incorporeal individuals who have provided supportive information to help re-open this case have not been altered and are posted in the manuscript in italics to help distinguish them from literal conversations. Some names and locations proffered have been slightly altered to protect the integrity of any potential future evidence and authorities have been informed as to actual names and locations.  This story reflects the information received from many who wished to bring light to the inconsistencies within the original investigation of this case, the lack of integrity in forensic collection of evidence and documentation, and the blatant disregard for the professional process of discovery.

It is this collective passion for justice that allows me to ask any, and/or all law enforcement to embrace all avenues of information retrieval available in regards to this case; this includes the talents of the psychic/medium detectives whose gifts have been highlighted within this story.

If you have any further information that may help in the ultimate resolution of this case, please contact the local authorities, and/or any and/or all of appropriate state or federal agencies mentioned within this text before tampering or attempting to retrieve any evidence on your own.


T. A. Powell

Book now available in digital format: Kindle and in paperback by June 2oth, 2013 through

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