Strange things have happened…



Strange things have happened since the book was published on Friday…very strange things, but today…there was another biggie for the books! The dead and angels speak in a shorthand that contains symbols, impressions and numbers.

The last several days have been filled with numbers and impressions and feathers, feathers, feathers! Today as I was asked about the book; but specifically about the blog, DEAD FISH and the blog about 11:11 on 11, 11, 2011 and the ordeal that happened that day with the eagle and image of JUSTICE in regards to Charley and this case. Remember, that was the day that G came through and the shooter whose hands were dripping with blood, the girls who were leaving their graves and the MOT who continued to sweat profusely and obsess about his bruises.

 So, after the conversation ends I realized I was already off the clock for over 20 minutes. Desperate to gather my things to leave, I went to my office and shut things down. Anxious to get to my car before the rain broke out again, I ran to the door. Unfortunately another person was trying to get in as I was trying to get out. To be polite, I held the door open for him as he entered. He turned to thank me and it was then that I noticed his tie. I held the door and then asked the man if he could turn around so I could better see. He did and I got a good look at his tie and smiled. The tie was white with the portrait of a man at the very bottom. The top was criss-crossed with various mathematical equations written in brown.

“Oh… you like that huh?” he said and held out his tie for my perusal.

“Well… like is an interesting word for how it makes me feel.”

“You know who it is, right?”

“Yes… I know. But do you?”

“Of course I do” he replied. “It’s Albert Einstein- the famous scientist!”

“Yes…Albert Einstein–the famous fourth in flannel!” I added and left the man and the building shaking my head.

 The universe has a wicked sense of humor, but were actually trying to send me a message- a heads up about my Mr. Einstein. On the way home I called R.  As I told her  about the message, a truck passed me on the road. On the back side of the truck was a painted mural. The mural was of a huge bald eagle in flight with the words on a banner underneath that read: JUSTICE!

Now… using the shorthand of the dead- that means justice is on its way for Einstein!

You know, I always thought that perhaps the case might be solved and the book would came out after the fact. But I was wrong. The case will be solved because the book has come out first.

Enjoy the read, Grim and Einstein. We’ve all waited a long time for this moment… so has Charley!

 Buy the book on today!





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