Sucks for you!

Dear Readers,
It is time to get back to the story of Charley! Final exams finished, I can move back into my efforts to gather more facts to match the clues and intuitions garnered since January. So much to do, so little time before all things must be laid out for fresh and educated eyes to review! Are you ready, Grim? Can you handle the pressure???
Let’s review. Roxanne has finally decided to come forward and talk to me. She says she likes the clock in my office. Hey… me too! She tells me she hates pipe smoke. Hmmmm… “Could that be mint tobacco you hate?” I casually ask. She says- most emphatically, I might add- “Why yes. How did you know?” “Well…” says I. “Is it because one of the 4 in flannel liked to smoke it and we all know what they did?” And do you know what she said???
She said, “!**!@3??!!*?!!*?##!!**”
I’m not sure what that means in “crossed over,” but I know what it means here. It means, “Oh Hell, we sure do!” Course it was hard for her to speak with her neck all twisted and such… but she made herself perfectly clear! Then she added something else.
“What was that, Roxanne?”
“Uh-huh… where are they located? “
“Wow! Bet they’d sure like to know what happened to you… wouldn’t they?”
And do you know what she said?
She said…”!!*??#@*#!!*??&%!@#**!!”
Now… I’m not certain what it means in “crossed over”… but here in Georgia it means they’re located in, “!*??#@*#!!*??&%!@#**!!”
Don’t you just love that we speak the same language??
Sorry, Grim. Sucks for you!

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