Guess what the storm brought up…

Guess what the storm brought up?
The storm brought up many things to the beach the other day, and while I am usually a big fan of all the trinkets that nature finds a way of bestowing on me… one thing in particular caught my eye.
Bobbing in the water next to pine branches and Styrofoam waste was a rubber glove. Just an ordinary glove… heavier than most…black with brown trim and a thin thread of yellow at the wrist.
Odd how before Charley… it would have meant nothing but garbage to me. Now… after Charley… after the 4 in flannel… after the continual mention of rubber boots…by the lake…no water in the lungs…and bruising all over a body, tantamount to that of a car crash-but not!!!

Funny how things just tend to feel more sinister to me.
I wonder what last night’s storm will bring to me today. Hmmmmm…

By the way… what were you doing on the night of September 17, 1966 my dear, Grim?

Bet it involved a rubber glove too!

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