I am sensing a pattern…


Today has been a day of…
Today has been a day of numbers and odd happenings. It began with the Cardinal in the backyard who sang sweetly and proceeded to follow me as I walked the dogs. Next, I got ready for work and while doing so whispered hello to my mother and father in a bedside photo. They smiled as always and so I bent to give them each a kiss. When I stood up, I smiled back at them and the photo frame fell forward onto the nightstand and then came completely apart. I picked it up and gently put it back together and then began to laugh. Why, you might ask?
Well…because many, many years ago, I had made a pact with my mother before she died. I asked that if there was a way she could communicate with me after she passed, that she would make a picture of her fall- for no reason. That way I would know that she was able to remember me and send me a sign that she was with me.
Next… six or seven Cardinals littered the road in front of my car as I tried to drive to work and would not fly away till made to. When that was over, my tachometer decided to have fun with me too. As I drove, my phone would occasionally ring and startle me. Each time it did, I had to look at the dashboard where my phone rests and noticed the digital gas gauge. Each time I did, it was double digits!
Miles till empty…
And then when I got to work and was calculating numbers for a report, my calculator joined the fray and jammed on this …
I am sensing a pattern here, how about you?
In the mean time, Roxanne is talking and I have much to follow up on. Can you tell someone who has passed that you are grateful? Yes… oh yes, indeed you can and you should.
Thank you, Roxanne. I will follow the leads and promise to investigate your other information just as soon I finished my papers and take my final exams!
Until then… keep talking!
I’m listening.

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