To those of you in the know…


It is raining today and I am most grateful for the detour. Rain affords me the luxury to stay inside, stay in my pj’s or comfy lounging pants and just write the day away. With fog on the lake, soft music on the headphones and hot coffee in my cup… I am indeed at peace. On May 25th I began my 77 day Transit and while it has and will prove to be challenging- it has already provided hope for a brighter future. So while things have been rather tight both emotionally and financialy these last few years, these trials have brought great personal growth and understanding. Sometimes the trade doesn’t seem fair, but then my Charley has made the difficult journey worth it. I am indebted to him forever.

Better days are ahead for us all. So convinced am I, that today I spurlged and used my last single bag of Maxwell House Coffee.  (I cannot seem to find a store down here that carries them! ARGH!)

To those of you in the know, you already understand that Charley and I both like Maxwell House coffee for various reasons.  I even have a  blue Maxwell House coffee cup on my writing desk!

But do you know what I love most about Maxwwell House coffee… besides it’s awesome taste? Oh, let’s just say I could write them a new commercial, with a new tag line.

Maxwell House coffee… Good to the last confession!

You have a good day, Grim!

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