How many more?


Yesterday I saw a feather…

More information came through today. They talk again about the African American who was murdered because he knew too much. Not my words-theirs. We know of whom they speak. He is the one who Grim double-crossed. Charley says he is sorry that it happened. It was not right.

Jessica and Roxanne come forward too. They have much to say, but what is this? Someone other than Roxanne is under water too? Someone whose name starts with an “L?”

Who can this be?

Is this the Lisbon that Charley kept talking about? Or is there another name I have yet to find?

‘How many more? How many more?’ I ask and wait for the stars to bring the answers. R once asked; were there any other young girls reported missing at the time?

Good question, seeing as the two we already know about lay hidden under lies and innuendos all those years- it is possible there were others Miss M never even got around to mentioning.

Perhaps you might tell me, Grim. Who else got in your way? Who else refused to keep your secrets?

Mr. Einstein? Any-bodies come to mind?

Yes…that is a play on words!

But seriously…

How many more,Valdosta? How many more?

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