On the other side…


On the other side of this fence there is the business end of writing and publishing this kind of a book. So today I step up my game and start pandering for literary representation and a solid contract. Any agents out their brave enough to take on this TRUE CRIME rascal? Just so you have something to go by…here are some of the buzz words used within the book.

murder (generic)

MURDER (Charley’s)

MURDERS (Jessica, Roxanne, the MOT and the man who was double-crossed, and…)

secret (generic)

SECRET (Grim’s)

SECRETS (The 4 in flannel, the high ranking officials, the other conspirators)

prostitute (generic)


PROSTITUTES (Jessica and Roxanne)

PORNOGRAPHY (The really icky kind. We will save the names for later!)

O-S-T-R-I-C-H (Kudos to Grim! This one was actually pretty clever….just not clever enough!)

law enforcement (generic)

LAW ENFORCEMENT (Shall we name names?)


Not to mention other wonderful and descriptive words such as: gun-running-counterfeit money-drugs-moonshine-Bolitas-railroad tracks-terror-love shacks- red sports cars-red truck-dogs-suicide-homicide-betrayal-hush money-lose women-lose diamonds-politics-New Hampshire-bakery-cheese cutter-swimming pool, fishing, kicking, biting, muddy boots, news papers, RAIN-NO RAIN, wedding ring, torn hats, lost teeth, tattoos, Buicks, etc… Oh yeah! And the most important word of all that brings us to the climax of the book????




Then of course there are other words I like, but I don’t wish to show off. Ok, here goes; bones, bodies, dead, psychic, justice, corroboration, suspicion, evidence, photos and my most favorite three little words?


Maybe even in that order!!! Ok agents…you know how to find me.

Just whistle!

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