Sometimes when you turn…


Sometimes when you turn over a stone, all you find is worms. Worms that have short memories and long reasons for forgetting. Yesterday was filled with sudden epiphanies and lingering suspicions. I thought I had really hit on something and I may have…I will have to wait to see how it all turns out. Also, I thought I had finally hit some pay dirt in another direction. Frustrated with the pace, R reminded me that only gratitude will help pave the way and provide the answers. Humbled, I returned to my studies and thanked the powers that be for the work they have already done on my behalf.

Still concentrating on the MOT… I am still worried that his DEATH CERTIFICATE may not have held the correct information. But in order to get to the bottom of this- calls will have to be made and they will have to be told why I need the information. This will open a can of worms the size of TEXAS. Grim? At some point soon I have to go public and you and Mr. Boots and the others will just have to suffer the consequences of your community’s suspicion.

This is happening… so deal with it.

As to yesterday’s folly? Why is it that I can remember the smell of jar paste from kindergarten… the feel of chalk in between my fingers and someone else cannot remember playing golf with a man who was then beaten to death a few weeks after? The time is in between these events and now is about the same- actually even longer. So how can I recall the death of my pet at eight- (1966) and yet you folks out there cannot remember events of death as well? How can you know the father, but not that his daughter went missing? Or, how can you swing a club with a man who then got clubbed?

Nonetheless, the seeds have been planted. If these people knew nothing before- they remain ignorant in the now and I bear no ill will. If they knew more and shared less- shame upon them.

Jessica? Whatever you have to say… say it now baby girl. I will listen. And Roxanne… if that was your family’s business that I found? Just tell me.

So…who is R. C. who received letters from G at _____________Turnbridge, ___________?

Need some old timers and old golfers to step to the plate and help me with a few other unanswered questions I have about the MOT. Who played in the golf tournaments at VCC back in 1965 and 1966?

What men were on the greens back then?

Contact me…I have homework for you!

Go to the CONTACT section and drop me a line.

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