Holy crap!




If you are reading this… we are all still here.


Ok, just a bit of humor. Seriously, do you think I would have busted my butt and worked so hard and so long on this case and this book if I thought I would become some toasty marshmallow on this date?


12/21/12 is about CHANGE. It is about VIBRATION and EVOLUTION of your higher self. Actually, it is about many of you just learning that you have a higher self. For those of you who understand 444 and 11:11…it is now our time. For those of you still in the dark…try to find one of us and follow our lead.


So, today is another day I have spent between the covers of this book and what ride it has been. And of course, just when I think I am done another clue comes forward and begs to be solved. The good thing is that the process of publication allows for the input of information right up till the final print. I like that and will use it to my advantage. Now, on about the case…

Charley knows I have another case I need to start on soon and I am hopeful that he will continue to guide from afar on that as well. Jessica has been all about me of late which tells me there is something she wishes to impart. Also as I went through part of the manuscript this morning I found something very telling. On 12/12/10 I was faxed a copy of the MOT’s DEATH CERTIFICATE. Now, over a year ago R received information that G had her little paws all over that document. So? Shall we look closer at this man- our infamous MOT?

They say he was from Tifton, although his body was found beaten in the DanielAshleyHotel on October 15th, 1966. Seeing as I have the official document from the funeral home- this information already exists in the public domain. I know that this man was rather heavy set- that he liked to play golf with his insurance buddy at the Valdosta Country Club. When he died, they took his body to the hospital morgue- then to the funeral home and then transferred his body to a funeral home in Augusta. He was discovered dead, transferred across the state and buried all within 72 hours. Sounds kinda fishy don’t you think? It did to me too.

Ok Valdosta- your turn.

His documented initials are: RWC.

Valdosta- if you know who this guy was- contact me. Holy Crap… I think I just answered my own question!

I gotta go make a very important phone call!!!!!!!!!


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