After a night of silence…


This morning I woke to gray skies. After a night of silence from my guides, I should have been well rested- but felt more restless than naught. Something is brewing; I can feel it in the air…palpable as the wind and the rain.

I put a pot of coffee on and took the dogs out for their morning constitution. Fog hung above the lake and the air was thick to breathe. The weather has changed its mind. What was sun and warmth is now gray and dreary. I look to the shoreline where the otter played the night before- but the water is minus his playful angst and lies flat like glass beneath the solemn sky. Up the hill, birds called to me. Red and black they chattered and danced in the middle of the drive baiting me. They were Cardinals; one male, one female. It was a sign from my parents that they are with me this day, still I cannot seem to shake the uneasiness in my soul.

What is on tap for the cosmos today, I wonder? Jessica has been busy of late. I see her name everywhere I go. Numbers continue to haunt my nights. Numbers 588 and 999 are the latest in their litany. Something is coming… someone is transitioning…something is ending.

Does G have more to tell? Will some one finally cave? Will someone die before they speak?

I am reminded of the black roses shown R and the conversation of the small child in the Covington restaurant who asked about the Grim Reaper back in the spring. I am reminded as well that I am often shown or told something that will happen in the future. Could this be it? They tell of a male energy who is married- he is part of this association. He will be the first to die. They show black roses and a long black car, followed by others. It is a funeral…They say his wife does not know. How surprised she will be… how sad that her life has become a lie as well. And what of the children and grandchildren?

The cosmos whispers in my ear…’The sins of the father are visited upon his children’

I cannot salvage what you have so blindly failed to save, Grim.

I will pray for your eternal soul… right after I prosecute your sorry ass!

The next Christmas Clue:


Legal documents


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Frightened? You should be!

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