The message was…


Again last night a message was imparted. As an audio-voyant I must say they are becoming more and more often and more and more intriguing. I can tell you the rubberband of tension is at an all time high, but release is coming. No…that was not the message. That was my analysis of the current status of this case.

The message was:

“Even the tiny hairs on his back will rise in fear and amazement at the outcome.”

Yeah, when you figure that one out…call me!

Technically I could end this whole thing with one word and Grim would know his Armageddon had arrived. It goes hand in hand with the message, “The little guy will be the one to take them down” and the name of a street sign I passed yesterday when I thought about the man who flew in that night from Atlanta. Well, actually the last thing I mentioned would just be gravy confirmation, but hey! It’s the holidays and who wants Christmas turkey without the gravy?

I could print it here, but since Grim is already having issues with his heart- it just doesn’t seem fair.

My Christmas present to you, dear Grim will be to allow you the opportunity of confession. I hear it’s good for the soul and maybe this will be the manliest thing you will ever do. C’mon Grim. They show you are already boxed in a corner. Give your children and your grandchildren something to be proud of- after all, you’ve left them so little thus far–they just don’t know it yet. Altruism aside, your “man in Atlanta” can no longer be of any protection for you. I understand the attorney/client relationship is protected and scared…but I think that only counts if both parties are alive.

Wow…that kinda sucks for you, huh?

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