I took these last two days…


Hope you and yours had a very Merry… I took these last two days to live outside of the case and back inside my life. While it was good for the heart to live in the present and presence, I must confess– I missed you all.

Hope they celebrate the holidays in heaven! Eternal love to my parents, Charley, Jessica, Roxanne and the MOT. I promise this will be your year. Okay, even you G. Maybe this will be the year you realize that in order for everyone to move forward… you must too. Help me finish the story G. Make it your gift to yourself and to the others who sufferred at your hands.

As for you Grim? Think about the coming days. Soon the calendar will roll over into another year and even though you are still technically free– your gut is tied up in a milion little knots. You know I know and you know others will soon know too. I’m a Taurus my man and we Bulls do not let go of the ring; we bear the yoke and plow the fields…we continue to rush the gates until we break them down.

You have been a  bit of a challenge, but ultimately you will fail to stand tall as the ground beneath you will turn to sand. With every passing hour you know you are getting older- closer to death…closer to meeting your maker. What will His first words be to you Grim? Forgiveness? Doubtful my dear. One must be filled with remorse before one can be forgiven. Emotion is not the key to your survival- confession is.

Faith will always prevail and I have absolute faith that Charley is trying to save you from yourself.

Let this be the year you truly are born again… this time through truth.

I will return later in the day.

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