Who betrayed?


Yesterday I heard my angel song and you all know what that means! Someone or something will hopefully be coming through to me today. For this, I shall give my gratitude in advance as Charley seldom sends the messenger without a message.

As it were…

All last night I kept dreaming about the gun. You know, the one they say Charley shot himself with. In my head I kept hearing the word “evidence” being spoken. Over and over the word, “evidence.” And then I would see Hazel’s familiar face; the jet black hair, the stoic smile- the level eyes. She was telling me to look in her journal. She talked about the week of Charley’s burial when “they” came to his mamma’s house and showed her all the weapons they had taken from her house the night of Charley’s murder. They asked her to identify them… and do you know what? She was able to identify every single shotgun and handgun…every one of them, but the gun Charley supposedly shot himself with. Isn’t that something? She was married to the man for just shy of 20 years…did they really think she was that stupid?

They claimed that was his “issued” weapon and that was the gun he was shot with. Still, Hazel told them she had never seen the gun before. When she asked where it had been all this time- they told her Charley had given it to G for protection. Protection from what? A man she filed for divorce from almost a year earlier… a man who never moved out of her house until the week of Charley’s murder? A man she married three weeks after Charley’s death?

Now what would a Federal Revenue agent be doing giving his alleged mistress a government issued weapon to protect herself from a man she didn’t have the _______ to stay divorced from? Further more, where was this gun in the meantime? In Charley’s house? Naw…Hazel never saw it before. In his office? Naw…because it was never Charley’s to begin with! Neither was the porn tape that came from California a full month after Charley was buried. That was another “bright boy” move by the 4 in flannel and their fearless leader the king of LowndesCounty. You know, fake an affair- plant a porn tape- switch a gun…You say potato, I say potatoes!

The devil is in the details kids!!! But that’s what happens when you let a couple of chuckleheads run the show. First they try to cover things up- then they try to cover-up the cover-up. It’s a snowball of idiocy! Body after body must be disposed. And yet this incredible ball of lies has stood for 46 years! Why? Because nobody had the ________ to ask the right questions before. Nobody cared enough to do the right thing. Nobody involved had the morals to be a real man. These fools thought as long as they came attached to a ________, it meant they were men. Wrong- it meant they were a ___________, somehow attached to a man’s body. (You fill in the blanks. Ought to be real easy!) Please remember; ferrets, weasels and dogs have them too! Doesn’t make them exactly rocket scientists now- does it? They still lick their asses and eat one another’s poop!

So now that we know the “Einstein’s” involved didn’t cover all their bases…how many do you think remain uncovered? Oh, you just have no idea and neither do they. Why? Because they forget about the dead… they forget about those still alive…they forget about frail allegiances and forgotten alibis. They forget that nobody gives a rat’s ass about how they once were the reigning few in this county. How people feared their selective powers. Now they are small minded men who shit in their diapers and drool from their crusted lips and babble into the night- When will they come for me? How do they know? Who betrayed- who broke the “FRATERNAL PROTECTION” code? And finally… who gives a shit about their broken code?

One word baby–OSTRICH!

Too bad these men thought they were invincible- that nobody could ever figure that out.

Wanna know how I know what it really means?

Great… buy the book. It will be out within the year!


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