In the throes of…


Today is the first day since the summer that I do not have work or homework to be done…Finals over as of 9:23 last night and I am grateful. This morning I woke early, but happy knowing that little more than a hot cup of coffee and a grand view of the lake awaited me…and then I thought…no.

Charley is waiting for me.

Dear Readers, I cannot tell you what transpired on 12/12/12 as it is not ready to be shared. Know this though…it has changed the course of things dramatically. I can tell you that my education in forensics is paying off- even this early in the process and I have Charley to thank. He is the person who told me I should go back to school.

Even more odd… I need to thank G.

The dream I had the other day was actually witnessing a soul in the process of transition. I believe it to have been her. Caught between ghost and spirit- she continues to try and adjust her evolution Karmically. G, I will listen if you have more to share. If your goal is to help rectify what you have wrought…I am here.

Take care of your health Grim. I need you to live long enough to know that justice delayed is not justice denied.




Red fingernails scraping upon his back in the throes of…

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