Invitation to the FBI…


Yesterday I quietly celebrated the birthday of my middle child.

In less than 14 days, Columbus will celebrate the death of a man they believe to be the Columbus Strangler, Carlton Gary, and the state will have committed murder on behalf of a crooked DA…a homicidal landscaper whom she protected, a geriatric benefactor, a deranged poet and his artistic sidekick and chronicler.

What shocks me the most, is the local paper that reprints the brutal slaying of these glorious 7—no wait, 8 women, if you include Mary Sue Ogletree; whom we believe the landscaper also murdered. These glorious victims, whom time has forgotten, whose lives are not served by the death of an innocent man were women who deserve the FBI to do their job right. It is as if the cheesy author of this constant bile in your local rag and his incessant regurgitation of the Wynnton murders actually believes he is doing you a service, by recounting the victims and their brutal deaths.  What he is doing in fact, is blinding you with the horrors of these crimes, while those in the know, shuffle the cards and laugh at you, the reader… so compassionate and concerned that your city be protected from men like Carlton Gary, when it is those in the back rooms and the black and purple robes, whom you must worry about.

You see…your DA’s father, God rest his soul, was both friends and in business with the real killer … the landscaper. Her geriatric benefactor, part of his posse. One would have thought that with the landscaper’s name popping up all over the recently found pages and pages of original witness statements in this case and the like, the DA would have returned this man’s name to the SUSPECT LIST from whence it was surreptitiously once removed and recused herself. But seriously…if you knew what we knew, that was never gonna happen anyway. Too many secrets to keep covered up. This way she can erase her father’s connections to these folks, one case at a time… and that is why when they execute Carlton Gary on March 15th, 2018…she will be celebrating. Oh, not because she has done the noble thing of ridding the community of a vicious killer.


Rather, she has erased one more link between her family and his murderous trail.

Columbus…such a pretty little town of fountains and lies.

You bow your heads in church in Sundays, hug your children and grannies at night and wish them all well, while one of the four still walks among you—laughing. His counterpart, the Butcher of Broadway? Well, he’s laughing too, from a shitty-assed recliner in San Diego where he now lives very comfortably under another name, watching his two little dogs play in the sand of a local beach…watching the waning sunlight over the California hills.

Oh, do you know where he lives, you ask?

Everybody knows where he lives…your DA, the law in your town…even the FBI, who has been given every opportunity and invitation to pick him up. But its better this way, you see. Now, they can begin to let you forget the others they have has wrongfully convicted. You see…this murder of black crow likes to play the long game. With Carlton Gary murdered by the state, their hands are clean…but are they? Not really and the book will tell you why.

Michael Curry sits rotting in a prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and Michael Finn sits miles from him in another prison, doing much the same…pawns, waiting and rotting away in their game of justice… Southern style!

Kareem Lane finally got free for the murder of Jim Burns. Too bad you all forgot about Braxton Nail, in the chaos that caused. That wasn’t suicide, dear friends…he was just another victim your little black crow conveniently forgot to count.

Follow the evidence Columbus…not the bouncing ball of bull______ your local paper feeds you. Watch the shiny bauble of horror over here, while we tinker with the facts and let the real killers go. That’s the way to play the game.


DNA evidence….NO MATCH




Why has the truth about this exculpatory evidence been withheld from the public? Why doesn’t your paper tell you the truth?

Forget that Carlton Gary was a two-bit thief and drug dealer- he’s in prison serving time for that too. But DEATH… that’s different. That’s forever and that’s exactly what the Muscogee County machine is county on.

The next time you drive down Broadway and you look at the lacey gingerbread trim on a certain mammoth Victorian, that boasts “Jack the Ripper” gas lanterns, a green house in the back yard and a cottage to boost…just know that no amount of new paint and pretty wallpaper can hide the bloody truth of the man who once lived there and the pieces of his victims that lie buried beneath its landscaping. Be certain you look long and hard into the gazing balls of his garden and maybe, just maybe that is where you’ll find the faces of his real victims looking back at you—asking why you didn’t bother to ask the hard questions?

And each time you drive down those pretty boulevards…know that he once waltzed down them too, all decked out in a fur coat of his dead mother, while he swayed to and fro…singing his favorite tunes by Marianne Faithful…brandishing a butcher knife.

Want to know why Coca Cola’s Kathleen Woodruff was selected? What certain piece of physical evidence at her crime scene ties her to all the others and tells the real tale of these four mercenaries of death?

Why Fern Jackson was murdered, when she was murdered and why that date was so special?

Want to know why all these women were targets and how they all fit together?

Why they were all hit on the left side of the head, what items staged at their crime scenes told you all you needed to know?

Or how about, why the little octagon house had to be sold and its hidden temple lost to history?

Why a certain someone continues to fly to California in a frantic flurry?

Why all of you need to see your town for what it really is and what its history is begging to tell you? You won’t get this from your newspaper and when you read the book, you’ll understand why.

Columbus…the book, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” will explain why all these victims were chosen…how the landscaper plotted his kills, how the poet contributed, and the how the artist chronicled their deaths in charcoal and ink and the geriatric thespian watched and worried he might one day be connected.

Want to know where you can find the catgut marking evidence from their tennis rackets on the left side of the face of your eldest victim? The physical evidence of those markings, your police department didn’t want you to know about…the markings on her face and her back?

Go ahead…ask your police and paper about that evidence! Did they tell you how she was waiting for the killer to show that day, because she had an appointment with him for landscaping and a little interior decorating on the side?  How she was annoyed because he was late, and he was never late, but that day he had a game of tennis with his poet friend visiting from California and so was running late?

You want to know why the police didn’t want you to know about the tennis racket markings to her body? Because 2 white men playing tennis in the afternoon, just down the street would not attract attention in the neighborhood where she lived and died… but a black man over 6’ tall, walking through the park, swinging a tennis racket in broad daylight, in Wyntonn in the 1970’s? Why, that would have sent women and babies screaming–closing shutters and locking doors. The sensible would have scrambled to get to their liquor cabinets and would have had everyone drinking cocktails an hour early that day!

So, you want to know how all these men are connected and how they shared their crimes with one another and then cryptically with the world?

Read a little poetry from the poet…R. E. D. …Robert E. Duncan! Or go tot his life partner and artist lover…Jess Collins.

Go to page 27 of “Jess O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica”. Checkout this man’s comic strip frame at the bottom right, called …  “A Little Business”. Or, how about the old woman on page 26 with the bad eye looks a lot like our Columbus victim?  That’s right below the cartoon with the man with the letter ‘K’ for a face, taking photos of his compound from the window of a plane? Anybody we know who felt compelled to film his home and call it a “Kompound”?

Or, how about page 28, where the artist and life partner of the poet, depicts the killer placing pillows over his elderly female victims’ faces to muffle their screams? Sound familiar to your papers reverie about some of your victims? How about Boston’s too?

And what about the roses? Ahhhhh… the lovely pink roses!

Your landscaper preferred the “Sunset Rose” variety… want to know why? It a cultist secret—one only their cabal would understand!

Want to know what page you’ll find a body part of one of his victims buried under one of those rosy pink beauties in Columbus? Let’s turn the pages to page number 19 of our comic book. That’s where we see a woman whose forearm has been sawed off…the same way a photo in a Facebook posting shows the same red-headed woman missing her right forearm…let’s look again at a rose in a photo, the killer himself identified as being from his former home… the home on Broadway Street; “Part of Carly is here… under a Sunset Rose”!

And who is Carly Green? Read the book! She’s just one of maybe over 93 victims, forever memorialized in the poet’s lyrics, the artists comics strips and the landscaper’s nursery gardens at 13th Street and 13th Avenue…according to your killer, who can’t quite keep from posting his nonsense all over Facebook, under another name. You see… he needs an alias, because they all told you he died in 2010, but that’s just a rouse. Even your local law and the FBI know he’s alive. Insurance fraud alone should be enough to bring him in for questioning…don’t you think?

There is so much you don’t know about your town and the man who raked your leaves and or the men who raised your theatre…and these are just a few of the clues your cops conveniently missed to keep it all under wraps…and with the death of Carlton Gary, they are that much closer to the promise land!

So, this is an invitation to you my dear readers, the FBI, the GBI and all those who live or know someone in Columbus. Read the book… get the facts and clean out the filth in your justice system. You think Washington has problems? You need to look closer to home…Columbus, Atlanta…so much is being kept from your eyes!

You have 14 days to get it right… before another dot, among the hundreds of dots that connect these killers to this case and more, get erased.

If the FBI and your local law won’t do their jobs…maybe you the public can do it for them!

It’s not rocket science… its evidence!

Follow it and the truth shall set men free.

Invitation to the FBI…follow the evidence!

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