What if I were to tell you…



The 13th…how fitting!

What if I were to tell you that a team of women have finally solved the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children, the Boston Strangling’s, the Zodiac Kills, the Oakland County Child Killings and that they are all connected to the 1970’s Columbus, Georgia Stocking Strangling’s… but that the man sitting on DEATH ROW, who is about to be executed, is not the man who did these killings?

What if I told you the DNA, bite-mold and shoe-mold evidence from the actual crime scenes, don’t even match the man sitting on Death Row?


Columbus, Georgia will have much to answer for, if this execution goes through untested. Like, how do you convict a man on evidence that has no proper Chain of Custody attached to it? Evidence that doesn’t exist and then does; just like in the Johnny Gates case? Evidence hidden in basement floors, DA case files and cabinets–hoping enough people will forget it ever existed! Like pieces of cloth with DNA…bite- molds that prove the killer is not the man on Death Row… knives that do not match the wounds in other cases and shoes that can’t possibly fit?

How many wrongful convictions do we have to suffer through before the public sees the agenda?? Let’s think…

Question #1: How do you not call a man a suspect, when his name and the description of his personal being and vehicle is all over original witness statements kept from, but finally revealed by accidental discovery to the DEFENSE team over 2 years ago, now?

Question #2: And how do you collect miracle fingerprints that appear and disappear at will, 8 years apart from the actual from the crime?

Question #3: But even more curious…how do you not recuse yourself as a Prosecutor or DA, when the man in all these witness statements accidentally discovered/found 2 years ago, was legally and publicly registered as having been in business with your father and the Columbus Concert Series?

Try to find that link now, Columbus! That sucker has been buried as deep as the truth!!

Curious….no? So, how do you have evidence that doesn’t match the crime scenes, but fits the once alleged POI and the FBI’s original profile, but apparently doesn’t fit into someone’s personal agenda? That should be a huge problem…shouldn’t it? And how is it that this same man, who should have been a prime suspect, matches all the physical descriptions of a man seen in the immediate area of several other murder cases in Columbus and even in the Atlanta files… and yet, gets completely ignored??

How is that Columbus?

This man also fits the physical descriptions of several other serial killings in other states and time frames, too. A man whose travel agendas, military associations, relationships to a local octagon house and an eternal obsession with sycophantic historical figures, such as Herman Mudgett (AKA–H. H. Holmes, Jack the Ripper), Aleister Crowley and his OTO and Thelemite discipleship, still follows celestially inspired timelines and locations, has powerful friends and huge secrets to hide. He’s a man who died, but didn’t! A man who fits witness statements, MO’s, and practices the rituals and rites (RED) of a collective cultist theosophy among his small, but deadly foursome.

Two of the original foursome have actually died…two are still alive. But right now I am only concerned with 1 of the 2 left… the one who they claimed died in 2010 in Florida-but didn’t! This is a man who now sits in another state, driving a different car, and living in a different space…secure that their collective secrets will soon die with the state sanctioned murder of this last African American scapegoat…Carlton Gary. (The others are serving life; Michael Finn and Michael Curry and yes… even Wayne Williams.)

Oh, I know they all say Carlton did it. They’ve all been saying that for over 30+ years. But just saying a thing and having it be true… are 2 different things and those different things…the things that make the chasm between truth and fiction so, very impossible to cross are called… EVIDENCE!

In Columbus Stocking Strangler case we have this:

DNA evidence…NO MATCH




So, if you are going to claim this man guilty and your truth is based on real evidence…then you have to prove it! Thus far, they have not. What they have presented is hearsay and innuendo and short-term memory loss for those originally involved in the investigation. But, wobbling your head and mumbling as you wring your hands, “I don’t recall” is not a defense Mr. Smith… it’s an excuse!

Show us how the BOTTOM teeth of Carlton Gary are a perfect match to the wounds on two breasts of the Columbus victims!  Show us how his size 14 feet can be stuffed into size 8-1/2- size 9 shoes! Prove that Carlton is or is not a secretor to fit the profile of the killer and most of all… lets’ test some DNA, kids! You can use mitochondrial from the landscaper’s cousin in Florida, if you’re too lazy to travel out to the sunny state of California to pick him up. But remember, he’s so close to Mexico… he might just become the slippery “lovable old coot” he professes to be!

So, let’s recap…

A man who was or should have been a serious POI in the following cases: the Mary Sue Ogletree case, the Curry Family massacre, the Katharina Wright or Johnny Gate’s case… Suddenly dies in 2010 and hmmm…Columbus officials casually forget everything they should remember! And yet, on March 15th, 2018–unless you, the public, can stand up and ask some serious questions of your local law and its court, or call your state representatives to ask that the Prosecution PROVE their untested suppositions… a man named Carlton Gary will surely die. And years from now when your collective conscious catches up with the hard born facts and follows real evidence and not half-truths and misguided rumors; it will be too late. But hey, that was the end game all along, right? Run out the clock!

Let those on DEATH ROW die… let those serving LIFE be forgotten.

Remember, it’s about getting to the truth, so if they have the positive matches to the DNA, bite-mold, shoe-mold and secretor evidence… let them prove it to the SUPREME COURT! Thus far, a lot of hand waving and hand holding for “witnesses” like Mr. Smith, has been unimpressive. I sat in that Columbus hearing over 2 years ago and found it a joke! My miniature Dachshund makes more sense when barking his objections, then the Prosecution did that day barking theirs! Malatoes…really???

Thus far we know this:

NO matching DNA to the 3 women Carlton is convicted of killing.

A man who wears size 14 shoes, is NOT capable of folding half his feet and toes in half, to fit into a size 8-1/2- 9, Puma Tennis shoe and bounce from house to house, or air conditioner to ladder like a butterfly. And if this man was so pretty, that he was a model for a men’s clothing line, he probably had a pretty smile too…so, if you are so convinced he is the same man who left multiple and torturous bite marks on the geriatric breasts of the victims you claim he strangled to death… then why are you not willing to test his teeth against the bite-mold from those breasts to prove your point? (And don’t use the tired objection; ‘He had dental work done in prison’ routine. Because he didn’t have it done on the bottom of his mouth and that’s what the bite-mold should match or not match!) Ask a forensics expert! Oh wait… you had one and then cancelled him at the last minute, because he wouldn’t potentially comply with your request to alter an outcome to match your prosecutorial needs.

Hmmm…but we can still call him. He’s still in Atlanta!

Now, we lay folks might not be dentists, but like I said…we know models have pretty smiles, right? Lots of white, pretty, straight teeth—but the teeth that bit and gnawed at those poor geriatric women’s breasts, were not straight and pretty. Those teeth belonged to a man with a very thin and pointed chin, with a crowded lower presentation. That’s right… a crowded lower set of teeth, just like the landscaper they say died 2 weeks, before they were about to announce the original results of a DNA test, related to the Columbus murders.

How convenient!

Yet, here we sit how many decades later…waiting for the bite-mold to be matched, the shoes to be worn and the truth to be told.  So why won’t the Prosecution allow an expert (Odonatologist) to see and match the original bite-mold to the prisoner’s bottom teeth and clear this thing up once and for all?

Gotta ask yourself why on that one, Columbus because she wants to be a judge!

So, how does all this connect to Atlanta and the Missing and Murdered Children? Because the man who killed in Columbus, killed in Atlanta too. The case files and the ME Reports tell much of the forensics story …along with information from eye witnesses, original witness statements, FBI files and Atlanta PD files, the killer(s) themselves and information gleaned from, “The List” by Chet Detlinger and the web site compilations of Kersten Toebben at (http://atkid.weebly.com/) that help tell the rest of the story.

To date we believe we can connect him to a minimum of 13 and up to as many as 23 of the children; special photos in the book provide previously hidden evidence. This killer was also identified via a photo, by an African American man, now in his 40’s, as the same white male, approximately 5′ 8″ tall, with blonde hair, stocky build and a Southern accent who tried to abduct him, his little brother and several of his friends… not once, but multiple times throughout the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children hey-days. This man was also a positive match to a photo of the same Columbus landscaper from a similar timeframe, authorities claimed died in 2010 in Florida. And I believe this is the same man I have been tracking in another state for over 2 years, under an alias.

So, what if I told you the real killer did not die in 2010, as publicly claimed and that both local law in Columbus and FBI know that to be true and professed, as much not only to the man now waiting on DEATH ROW, but openly to another person who has chased this killer for over 30 years? So if everybody now thinks he’s still alive, a viable suspect and potentially committed at the very least, insurance fraud…why don’t we pick him up? How about the FBI gets in touch with his family, then the insurance company and then get a DNA test done directly, while his insurance company sorts out their potential charges for him? And what if I told you, this same alleged killer and his cars have all been positively identified through photos, by other surviving victims? Surprised?

One would think the Columbus newspaper would be all over this story, but it doesn’t serve the narrative being spewed across its pages. Or how about this story? The Judge and the DA got this information in a letter decades ago and did nothing…the letter is on file.

Our POI was positively identified through a photo as the same man who appeared several times, trying to pry his way into the skylight on top of the roof of a woman whose family he axed to death; one full month after he supposedly died in another state. What’s that you say? Dead men can climb onto air conditioners and then up gutters? (Sounds like a familiar pattern in the Stocking Strangling kills, doesn’t it? Air conditioners… gutters…windows…) Yep…and there are photos of his damage. Gotta love that one too!

And what about some of the other Strangler victims? The one who had tennis string marks on her left face and back, from being beaten? The one with the bad eyes, who also matched perfectly a character in a comic strip rendering by the killer’s artist friend from San Francisco. She had an appointment scheduled for that day. An appointment with someone who had recommended a certain landscaper/interior decorator to hang curtains or swap out carpet for her. Did anybody check her calendar or desk agenda for his name?? He was late to the appointment that day, you know. Why? Because he had been playing tennis with a friend, just down the hill from her house!

And what about the images the artist drew of an upside down white rabbit sitting in her lap, just below the cat-gut strings of that tennis racket that was used to bash in her face, by his poet friend? The poet who liked the color RED, because it spelled out his name and because he was a guinea pig for the original 1950’s CIA/Army Chemical Corp/MK ULTRA experimental drug program? How clever that the poet’s trigger or code word from his handlers was also the initials of his name?

Intriguing, no?

That’s where they hid their crimes; in their art, their poetry, their landscaping, and their foolish history. But their history goes back decades and so do their relationships with one another. The poet, the artist, the landscaper and the historian. Some met in Columbus early on…some through the military later on…some through San Francisco and their preferences in art and sex. Some even went through phases together…like MK ULTRA.

You think #11 –the young, tortured girl with mind control powers on “Stranger Things”; a series on Netflix is kidding? Grow up kiddos; that stuff was for real. Check out the Netflix documentary on Dr. Frank Olson!! The CIA and the Army Chemical Corp had some serious detours from national safety in the 1950’s and 60’s. Mind control, experimental drugs and torture training…. Alleged biological warfare experiments. Yes… it’s true, right Eric? Your dad was taken out, but these boys used their training to take others out. Our poet (RED) really did know the real, MK ULTRA, “Pappa” you hear #11 in “Stranger Things” talk about. Our poet killer even wrote a personal note of goodbye to him on a book of his…want to see the subliminal message on the cover photo??

Want to know who else the landscaper and the poet hung out with? A chemist and a thespian.

How do we know? Because we find the same references in a poet’s poetry, a nuclear chemist’s comic strips and the hidden codes that calls out a local historian and his landscaping buddy in each murder. That is of course, if you can understand how to read their clever shorthand. For example…The artist dumps info into his ‘altered’ comic book strips, showing the Columbus killer crawling from under the manhole covers in streets near his victims’’ homes, only to pop out again near his Victorian behemoth! Or even at his place of business! While cops were swirling their lights above, he dipped into the sewers and tunnels below the city to escape the chase on the surface?  Just like his heroes of yore (the KGC), who created tunnels from their banks and businesses to their safe houses and cabalistic lodges.

Creative, don’t you think??? A little American History for you there—practices of Freemasonry and John Wilkes Booth! John Wilkes Booth…a very lively legacy that ought to be a huge clue for Columbus folk! And we also have another somebody from Columbus who shared his enthusiasm for history and certain geometric shapes like the octagon. Both were very much into the cabalistic lifestyle, the Zodiac and the Booth legacy. Gonna catch another plane to Cali, now ‘ole buddy? Gonna fly out there and tell them that somebody figured it all out?

But enough for now. Let’s get back to more immediate business and Carlton Gary!

If the bite mold was hidden for over 10 years from the original DEFENSE team, and STILL has never even been allowed to be compared by an expert Odonatologist, the DNA doesn’t match and the shoe thing is a total joke… how do you kill a man without ever proving any of your suppositions; especially when nothing even matches? I say, bring in the Odonatologist and the convict, (Gary) together in front of God and everyone else in court and get the results on tape. If I’m wrong—you have nothing to lose and can go ahead with the execution.

But if I’m right…

Then you are duty bound to bring in the original suspect, (the landscaper) or get the mitochondrial from his cousin in Florida for DNA and go to town. So, if the convict’s DNA doesn’t match the women he is accused of killing, nor has the convict been legally identified or cleared as positive or negative match to the secretor or non-secretor evidence in the case…it’s just one more in a long list of wrongful convictions out of that DA’s office. Who are we kidding here? How do you plow that much bull through the keyholes of justice and still sleep at night? What kind of Kangaroo court now exists in the upper halls of the Muscogee County courthouse that denies exculpatory evidence to be submitted? And…Why is the Superior State Court of Georgia not rocking back in horror on its heels? They got these memos! Better yet… why isn’t the NAACP or the Supreme Court demanding the lower courts do something about this?

Bottom line…all we are asking is to prove his guilt with the evidence that matters!

DNA…BITE-MOLD…SHOE-MOLD AND SECRETOR/NON-SECRETOR! And if you can’t, then you have some serious explaining to do.


Remember, evidence doesn’t lie… people do. And if you are going to judge this case on the evidence alone–then this book must be read and this man must be exonerated and set free!  But it’s not just about Columbus or even Atlanta, although they are close to the heart…there is more, so much more than meets the eye!!  And every victim deserves to have their voice heard.

We have less than a month to bring the true Columbus Stocking Strangler killer to justice.

Find the answers to the murders and mysteries of the Columbus and Atlanta M & M child victims in:  LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR

Available on Amazon

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