About to drop a bomb of information…


About to drop a bomb of information…

First, let me say I have nothing against entrepreneurial energies and efforts. At some point, we all are entrepreneurial in some endeavor. What I do have a problem with however, is entertainment masking itself as something more than what it is: Folks filling the podcast airways with misleading misinformation—exploiting, not exploring—pandering and pontificating to the unedified masses, without regard to the consequence of proliferating confusion and chaotic nonsense, all for profit and commercial status.

What am I saying?

I’m saying there is no substitute for actual research and in depth investigative work. Interviewing Cousin Vinny about Aunt Henrietta’s fourth cousin thrice removed, who once sat in a restaurant near a man, who said he once talked with a bus driver who thought they took a bus ticket from somebody who looked like a guy they heard might have killed a cat when he was 10…isn’t the same thing as getting the information straight from the dead cat!

So, what am I asking?

Go to a reputable source and even then…evaluate and vet the findings!

I’m inviting you to ask questions! I want you to get to the truth, question my findings and research methods, and question the physical evidence contained in my book: LORDS OF THE HARVEST; A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR

Here is the teaser for this book…

“Dear Reader,
While it is not my intention to begin this book with a riddle for levity’s sake, it is my intention to ask you to use your intellect from page one. You see, some murders are prompted by basic emotions that render a killer’s motivation most obvious. Other murders are committed out of a need to serve a higher purpose, such as personal or ideological loyalty, and/or religious martyrdom. But the Columbus Stocking Strangler murders will never rise to the elegance of such, no matter how much the perpetrators of these atrocities might insist. These graphic slayings of seven elderly white women were executed for a series of reasons that for over almost four decades have gone undecipherable and in the end, were simply part of a much larger puzzle that until now has remained hidden. So, let us continue with the riddle…
What is another word for Thesaurus? Thought provoking, isn’t it?
For how do you describe something that in essence exists only to describe everything else, but not itself? I think you would agree with me then, that sometimes there simply isn’t a better word or group of words to describe a thing other than the words that originally describes it the best. Thus, you have the reason why the title for this book could be nothing other than: LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR.
This investigative memoir begins with my introduction to the murders in Columbus, Georgia in 1977, where the word harvest took on another meaning and the tools that were used to harvest these ‘matured’ victims will not only shock you—but lead you to other horrors, once shrouded in mystery and considered as stand-alone or disconnected serial murders… until my discovery of the key that unlocks them all.
The Chicago Lipstick Murders
The Black Dahlia
The Boston Stranglings
The Zodiac Murders
The Sonoma Stranglings
Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered Children
The Orange County Michigan Murders and many more…”

(Copyright 2016) Amazon


A man in Georgia is about to be executed for one of these cases. I believe he is innocent. Want to know why? Because the evidence does not match the crime or the suggested killer they convicted!

Want to know more? Like, who convicted him? Why they had to do it? Who the real killers really are…where they live/lived… how they pulled off this legendary legacy of generational serial killings, that crawled across this nation into your backyards and balconies?

Want to know how they went undetected for so long and who helped them fly under the radar of suspicion?

Want to know what local and federal folks may have been involved in serious cover-ups to keep their crimes hidden? To hide their own debauched activities and actions?

Want to know how they are all connected to one another; because the ties that bind them are also the metaphorical ties they used to commit their crimes?

Want to know what clues were left behind at each crime scene that cops didn’t understand? Want to know what ones they did understand, but hid from the general public anyway?

Want to know how the killers thought…how they targeted their kills and where they took the victims to die?

Want to know the forensics detected in each murder? The victimology and the symbolisms behind the way they killed and the victims they chose? Why they selected the places where they killed, the tools and rituals used to exact their rituals and theosophies?

Want to know how they met… how they came together, then stayed apart and how they communicated across the miles and years?

If you want to understand a killer; you must first understand his life, his work, his interests…his hobbies and his habits.  Where he hunted, why he hunted, who he hunted? You need to understand who and what in their past tripped the first trigger…set the pendulum in motion.

What was their motive, their methods, their patterns and deviations?

When did they first kill? How did they hide it and then cope with the aftermath? What were/are their souvenirs and where do they hide them? How did they evolve their skills, as they evolved their goals and directives? Who inspired them? Who did they try to emulate?

What roles did others play in adding to their psychosis…cultivating their instincts and creating a sense of superiority…contributing to their fantasies?

When did this go from uncontrolled urge, to spree killing, to necessity and earned colective right?

What methods and manners were used to confuse and confound the public?

How did the victims fall into their traps?

Why were they targeted and why did so many fall prey to their allure?

What were the killers’ private thoughts… their anguished joys? Their trials… triumphs?

How did they get so many to follow them to their ultimate demise?

How did they joy in their tortures? Who taught and inspired their methods and manners?

How did they deal with their desperate need to be recognized, while still hiding their deeds?

How did their ego’s both bait and betray them?

You want the answers to these questions and more????

Stay tuned…’cuz you can’t get this kind of info from a 30-minute, commercial laden microphone kissing cannon ball. You gotta go to the right sources. Medical Examiner reports, court transcripts, witness testimonies, police files and forensic evidence reports. You gotta go to the right sources…the dead. Don’t get caught in the CSI effect of thinking 15 minutes of commercials and 45 minutes of chatter solves a murder and world hunger at the same time. It doesn’t.

You can’t become a surgeon, without going to medical school!

If you wanted to make a really good gourmet pizza…you’d ask a chef.

If you wanted to paint a dramatic picture… you’d ask an actual artist.

If you wanted to catch a killer…you don’t ask a disc jockey!

You get the gist!


Got a question?

Buy the book or ask me here.

I’ll listen first and then, I’ll explain. We can argue and discuss. Either way, you’re going to get the straight answers and evidence you need to back up the facts!

Mysteries solved here!


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