The deadline for the DEFENSE…


Today is a sad day for justice in the state of Georgia…or should I say, lack of justice.

The execution of Carlton Gary is scheduled for today, later this evening, and though many have fought to get the nation and the state and local courts to listen to the truth about this case…exculpatory evidence has been withheld and many have turned their backs on Lady Liberty.

Your officials in Columbus after 7:00 PM tonight should be required to the answer the question: WHY?

Today we see, that unless a last hour miracle occurs and Carlton is granted  a stay of execution…Lady Liberty and the blind justice she stands for , is nothing more than an old statue watching the waves of time roll over what used to be a nation of laws and equal justice under that law.

If Carlton Gary is executed on this day…Lady Liberty has not only been blindfolded by the corruption of small town ego’s and good ole boy, Southern justice– but gagged as well, by those who did their best to bury the truth of their connections to the real killers.  God help those who misguided the public about the inconsistencies in this case.

The evidence does not match the convicted:





This case has no positive evidence match to critical exculpatory physical evidence… so, how do you execute a man?

If it were you in charge, would you be so bold and quick to demand his execution without another through look at ALL the evidence? Could you confidently sign off on such a travesty?

If I were the Woodruff family… I would be asking some questions about who really killed Coca-Cola family member, Kathleen Woodruff.

You convict a man of murdering 3 women; but the one you claim you have a DNA match for is never re-tested for confirmation of results…you later claim your DNA sample is tainted when it shows up in another case in Atlanta…and you still use such inconsistencies as the lunch pin on your conviction? Then, you have physical evidence; shoe and bite-mold evidence taken directly from the victims’ remains and the actual crime scenes that doesn’t match and you ignore that too?

A man who on the original suspect list, who they claimed died in 2010 in another state is positively identified by 2 separate people as alive anywhere between 1 month, to a few years after his supped death… the Atlanta FBI knows about this through 2 formal reports… the local law openly admits this and yet, this suspect has never been brought in to be questioned or tested as a DNA match to these killings?

Columbus; there are too many questions and inconsistencies in this case to close it out with an execution.

Why not allow these discrepancies in the exculpatory evidence to be reviewed, outside of Muscogee County? The original suspect and the DA’s father were in business together; shouldn’t they have disclosed as much to the courts and recused themselves for conflict of interest?

You should be asking yourself these questions, too. The Columbus Ledger finally did and I thank you.



They asked the same questions…

The answers to those questions and more can be found here:



For Carlton…




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