Friday the 13th… the Columbus Stocking Strangler, 29 days out.



Aphorist Henry S. Haskins wrote, “Thoughts left unsaid are never wasted.”

Henry Haskins may have been right about thoughts going unshared as not being wasted, but I can promise you that vital unshared evidence…especially exculpatory evidence in DEATH ROW and LIFE cases will not be tolerated!

LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR, tells you all about the evidence that went unshared… the secrets that went unsaid… the men suspected, their motives and methods suppressed and hidden from the public in the Columbus Stocking Strangler case. But that’s not the only Columbus case that demands a new review. Let’s take another look at the Michael Curry family massacre case, the Mary Sue Ogletree case. Then let’s see the connective tissues of evidence left behind by your local killer(s), as they metastasized throughout the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases, the Oakland County Child killings and both the infamous Boston Strangling’s and the Zodiac kills.

Ever heard of the 1945 Chicago Lipstick Murders…or the Hollywood hauntingly gruesome Black Dahlia slaying? They too have things left hidden…things unsaid, and evidence left undiscovered. That is, until now. There are unsolved cold cases in Denver; 4 young women who died at their hands, baring similar signatures. Two cases in the Florida Keys; victims tortured with their hearts removed and brutal rituals of Isis kept cyclically according to the stars, performed at quarries and gravel pits.

Dedications to Isis and the Zodiacal calendar…the ancient Egyptians, Book of the Dead, the godfather of evil…Aleister Crowley.

The book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST reveals it all and many other serial killings too. This book is not like any other book you have ever read. It takes you there, gives you the names and the dates…the details only the killers and the victims would know. There are 700 pages of facts, evidence and proven agendas, underpinned by actual eye witness testimony, Medical Examiner reports and court transcripts that ties the epic research accumulated, to the actual victims, with a bibliography that shows you every reference and documented piece of information and puts most other true crime follies to shame.

There is a difference between fact and fiction for a reason…no one really dies in fiction. It takes a real investigation and tangible evidence to piece these puzzles together. Don’t be fooled by the minute man main stream tabloid television that accepts half-baked solutions to these histrionic murders.  There is a reason why these murders have gone free for so long…their plan was not so much brilliant, as exploitive of the inefficiencies of law enforcement, the myopic interests of their investigators and the lack of crosspollinated information sharing between precincts.

It is rare to find that one yarn, that if tugged hard enough and long enough…will incrementally undo the tapestry of lies of the homicidal artists who constructed it. But it is possible, if you know which threads to pull.

There is one key that unlocks the secrets to them all. Discover what was found at every crime scene that ties these murders to the previously undetected signatures of the killers. This is not mere speculation for titillation’s sake… this is hard core evidence that provides actionable pathways for law enforcement agencies to follow, Prosecution and Defense teams’ reasons to salivate and victim’s families, a renewed eagerness for justice.

Stop reading the crap they want you to believe…read the facts they want you to forget.

Happy Friday the 13th to all you true crime and cabalistic cultist devotees like; Columbus’s own not-so-dead landscaper, Lee Bayard… San Francisco’s own resident poet laureate and collage artist, Duncan and Collins…and let’s not forget the fourth man, who evened out this unholy trio…the man who now knows, that I know their every move!

Say goodbye to the temple…the squares and the angel of silence…your ancestral folly.

Enjoy the day Columbus but keep a watchful eye. Your time for truth is coming soon.

One more radio show interview down, several hundred more to go…



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