Three months later…


Looking towards the 13th

Those who have read my latest book understand the draw.

With the passing of Carlton Gary, one might think that my latest book has lost one of its wheels and yet, it is because of his state sanctioned death that this book now becomes more important than ever.  Why? Because Carlton was connected to something back in the day that now has grown from its more primitive beginnings, to something so sophisticated and so expansive that it frightens folks to their very core.

Columbus was and is not the quiet little burg its tree-lined streets and boulevards wants you to believe. Of course, understanding that water seeks its own level, you will each see in this town exactly what you are meant to see. Those of you in the know see so much more and sad as it may be, you cannot un-know what you already know…nor can you un-see what have already seen.

The corruption did not die with your so called convicted killer; but ironically can now be highlighter even further, because he is no longer in danger.

For weeks I have contemplated Gary’s case and the others his case was connected too and the fact that after 30+ years, he went to the slaughter like a lamb—leaves us some tremendous clues behind to contemplate.


After so much time and so much exculpatory hidden and manipulated by the Prosecution to detour and dissuade a final appeal…the many lies they think they buried within that justice system there, now scream even louder the obvious obstruction of justice!

So with so much exculpatory evidence still contested, why did his execution still take place?

Now, most of you will volley in return, ‘Because he was guilty’!

But was he…Really?

Then why doesn’t the evidence match that conclusion? And why did the Prosecution do their best to try and bury that information? Gary delayed and/or dead was necessary to keep the lid on things. Things this book has already let out of the bag about your local landscaper and your historian. And, since his death was shoved through by the relative of a man who was in business with them while the murders where taking place… well… you figure that one out. Trouble is, they count on you being lulled into a false sense of security and Columbus… I hate to say it, but you pretty much delivered. Now, they are counting on your forgetfulness, which is another thing you do so well. But if I am wrong…and I will apologize if I am…there must be another reason.

Why did this court official ride this case like a two dollar whore all the way to the bank, if not to protect themselves and their own? How many wrongful convictions does Columbus have now? So, if that’s not the reason… the only other option is, that Carlton may have been involved just enough on the peripherals to know more than he should have. He died because he knew too much and folks were getting nervous. The book was selling and that made them jumpy.

We know he sold cocaine to major players in Columbus and to law officials’ in Atlanta like, good ole E. Bell, Tommy W. and the son of the largest Chevy dealer in the state, because that’s what he told us and the Feds…but what else were they all involved in? If you read the book, you will know. You will also know why the few that are left, are still being sheltered and why Carlton had to die to protect them all.

The thing is… the dead aren’t interested in the lies of the living…they just want the truth to come out and eventually it will, if enough of you care!


This week has been sad…with Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain leaving this earthly plane and reminding us of certain eerie connections to these cases and others in the book. Kate Spade died with a red scarf around her neck, just like Columbus victim, Coca-Cola’s family member, Kathleen Woodruff. And Anthony Bourdain? His girlfriend was rumored to have been one of Weinstein’s earlier victims…sexual abuse. So, do you see where I am going?

This underground cabal of sex trafficker’s, red scarfs used as tools of death and so-called suicides sounds so much like the Columbus murders…Superintendents that supposedly committed suicide with garden hoses…red scarfs that strangle folks…and tunnels under your city that move more than human waste and water—they move actual humans in sex trafficking rings. There’s so much that cannot be unknown or unseen in your little town and the murder of Carlton Gary will only bring them further into focus—as opposed to what those in the “know” wanted. Don’t believe me? Just ask what your counselor’s father did for a living…who he did it to and how was he connected to the landscaper, back in the day?


Starting to outline my next book a few weeks ago, I realized I’d practically worn out the older chair I’d used for over 20 years. Eager to find another chair to match the rest of the furniture in my office. I went on a search. Fortunately I found an ad online which held what I thought would be a perfect fit. This last weekend I made the drive and bought a leather chair for my office. The seller told me it had been meant for a reading nook. I told them I meant it for a writing nook and we struck up an interesting conversation about what they read and what I write. The funny thing is, the seller was not shocked by my content… in fact, they knew about everything I wrote about.

They knew about the military hierarchy’s obsession with sex rings and pedophilia…the Atlanta murders and the Californian history of the Zodiac and his intimate ties to a specific military base in sunny California…a man named Anton LaVey, the Temple of Set, Lt. Michael Aquino and the darker history of the Presidio. They even knew about the CIA’s underbelly precursor programs to the mind-numbing, MK ULTRA programs; Artichoke and Naomi…which were more about mass manipulation, sex slavery, assassination techniques and schizophrenia inducing experiments.

This chair has now become more important to me than you can know…it is a symbol of confirmation… of more to come!

By the way ‘ole boy, I hear the beach is nice these days and the eggs Benedict… really spectacular!

That’s a message for someone special.

Now we both know!



Stay tuned…

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