The alleged Stocking Strangler appeals again…

November 20, 2017


The alleged Columbus Stocking Strangler appeals again…

Yes, I know he has been convicted and sentenced to death, so ‘alleged’ is technically incorrect–even a bit naive–but that’s because the original jury members were sans all the facts and all evidence. In fact, the last several hearings have been glaringly without exculpatory full disclosure.

You want full disclosure Columbus?



Because several years ago, when invited by a former Columbus resident to investigate the idiosyncrasies of this particular case, the author was introduced to several other anomalies, which they then followed to their shocking conclusion. Not by led by geographical bias and/or political or personal persuasion–but by direct and physical evidence and rationale deductive reasoning and forensic benchmark.

The Columbus Stocking Strangler case does not stand alone or apart from other cases in Columbus in the 1970’s and 1980’s either. In truth, it’s collective (the killer(s) are also connected to the Mary Sue Ogletree murder case (not Michael Finn)…and the Curry family murder case (not Michael Curry), and to several other Georgia tragedies, including the infamous victims of the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children. Yes—even to those victims; tied by an eyewitness testimony and personal identification just updated in the October release of this epic novel.

So, before you put another man to death, believing he is the true killer(s)…read this book and then make up your own mind. Remember, the book is written as an investigative memoir for literary affect; not to distract, but to act as powerful vehicle for the overwhelming evidence that has been pulled from eye witness testimonies, FBI and police files.

So do yourself a favor…don’t get your information from the local paper; get your information and evidence from somebody outside the inner sanctum of generational and local prejudice. Someone who follows evidence and linear thinking, not politics and/or personal vendetta?

Wake up Columbus! This truth is stranger than the fiction they wish you to believe.

The first question you need to ask is about the bite-mold! Why was it hidden from the Defense for so many years? Why have they refused to try and match it to Carlton Gary’s lower bite? And why have they refused to call on the expert Odonatologist (Forensics Dentist) from Atlanta, who can tell you the truth as to whether the bite mold evidence from the Stocking Strangler victims matches Carlton Gary lower bite?

Why? Because it won’t match and they can’t make the dog fly without lies and prejudicial innuendo.

The second question is about the shoe-mold! How do you shove a size 13-1/2 or a 14 foot into a size 8-1/2 shoe? Why do they think Kermit the Frog and Big Foot share the same bipedal template?

They don’t and you shouldn’t either. Carlton Gary does not wear a size 8-1/2-9 size shoe, but one of the real suspects did and does wear that size shoe! Yes, a suspect that matched the FBI PROFILE… a suspect that was mentioned a hundred times in witness statements hidden away from sight for years… a suspect that was suddenly declared legally dead in another state just 2 weeks after he found out DNA results in the Strangler cases was about to be made public. This same suspect, who though pronounced dead on paper in 2010, is still alive and living quite nicely in another state–watching from afar and laughing at the charade of your justice. And guess what?

The FBI and your law enforcement knows this!

How do we know?

They told us so…

Ask them about that, before you punish one man for another man’s sins!? Now, I’m not saying Carlton Gary was a saint… a two bit thief and drug dealer yes… but a serial killer? Don’t we owe ourselves and the nation the option to hear and see everything the Prosecution has…everything the Defense should have been given access to? Everything the original investigators, who quickly moved up the ladder into the DA’s office may have found and/or hid from your prying eyes?

So let’s lay the cards out on the table…and for those in the know… the Tarot cards out on the table.

How do you discover hundreds of pages of eye witness statements that talk about this particular POI and his two toned car being seen almost everywhere a victim was murdered and yet– his name is never surrendered as a Prime Suspect by your police or your court officials?

Good question, huh?

Answer: Either this man was on the original list and somebody or somebodies removed his name to protect or deflect attention away from others potentially involved in the execution and cover up of these crimes to prevent situations of disclosure or blackmail…or your officials were completely inept and forgot to put it on the list?

Either choice does not reflect well upon your little burg and its system of justice and those who manage and manipulate it.

And here’s another oldie, but goody…

How do you suddenly misplace or run out of exemplar DNA? And even if you have it correct–why is the one case you claim you have DNA for, not one of the cases you convict your suspect on? And how does DNA from a Columbus victim in the 1970’s end up a years later (Thurmond) in a case in Atlanta years later by transference from within the pocket of an Army Flak jacket that was allegedly donated from this dead-not dead man’s estate?

Great trick, huh?

And what about fingerprints? The endless violation of Chain of Custody procedures alone makes me laugh and how do you call 7-9 points a positive match? Even first year Forensics’ students and CSI aficionados know you have to have multiple times that count (points) to even make it a quantifiable candidate!

Columbus…you need to get this one right. Because if you put this man to death, without exposing the whole truth…his death is on you. And just keeping him in the limbo of appeals–keeping folks quiet–keeping case files closed– hoping he rots to death before the truth gets out, is not a solid plan for success either. Nor, does it speak well to your sense of equality under the law.

This book lets you know where the real evidence leads, before the final appeal is lost… before the die is cast. You have an obligation to the victims in this case to get this right! Columbus founding families…take an interest! Coca-Cola founders… are you listening? Woodruff Art Center officers…are you listening? One of yours was murdered…wouldn’t you like to know the truth about why Kathleen Woodruff died? Why the killer chose a RED scarf?? Why she was chosen to die?

There’s a reason why your local paper hasn’t mentioned this book…  its contents will let the light shine where darkness and corruption has been allowed to dwell untested for decades. Be brave… buy the book…share its truth!


by T. A. Powell

Available on


The Columbus Stocking Strangler…

October 5, 2017


Today is October 5th…the number 5 being the numerical symbol of change.

Last night after a fruitful rehearsal, I stopped at a local gas station and as I went inside to pay for my gas, the car that had been in front of me pulled out and then traveled up to the storefront, where it met another car just pulling in—thus, delaying my speedy advance.

Now, I have been doing this a long time and those of you who have followed in my journeys understand that everything is divinely orchestrated…nothing, and I mean nothing is left to chance. So, taking this subliminal nod into conscious consideration, I looked at the two cars now blocking my pathway. One tag number included the numbers, 555 and the other, 999. For those of you who do numerology and/or angel numbers, you understand that the 5’s represent both warning and that huge changes are about to unfold. The 9’s are not only a call to action, but with three 9’s in a row—a signal from the universe that a chapter in your life is ending and that a new one is about to begin. Having hung on the cusp of change for quite some time and frustrated with the calendar of the universe, I took this as a positive stroke for my concerns and current anxieties.

Tonight is a full moon…it will shine its light into corners we often avoid or seek to keep hidden. For over 4 years now I have buried myself in this current series of cases and as promised you, have with the help of others, unearthed some pretty spectacular information…the most recent being officially added into the October 10th re-release of, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR”, available through Amazon in both paper and Kindle format. This special edition is even tagged in the opening pages as having additional evidence and resource verification’s through October 2017, for your identification purposes.

Now why is this important?

Because everyone has been informed and another life is now at stake.

The Columbus Strangler case has reached an eerie peak, where now all the discovered clandestine information has the opportunity of either sliding down into a dark valley of deceit and corruption…or rising to the heights of the justice mountaintop for all the world to see and it is up to the citizens of Columbus, Georgia to decide how they wish to live the remainder of their time in the city of fountains.

Do you wish to stroll through the streets of your little burg and value its architectural, as well as openly declare its moral esthetics…or do you feign acknowledgement of these deceits and then shamelessly wallow in its veiled quaintness and sip from the Kool-Aid cup of myopic ignorance, your officials wish you to swallow?

The case of the Columbus Stocking Strangler is not the first of its kind…it is not original. Do your research or simply avail yourselves of the research already done on your behalf. It’s patterned characteristics and MO’s are identical to another celebrated killing spree… the Boston Strangling’s. And no… Albert De Salvo is not the legendary “Strangler” you believe him to be; quite the contrary. See why and who in Columbus had connections to his case! And that’s just the tiny tip of your Southern homicidal ice berg! It has fingerlings that reach to Colorado and Texas…the Florida keys and the lighthouses of Maine and Michigan.

Want to know who in your town killed those women…who helped him (them) do it and how… who really died and who is still alive and laughing behind your backs? Or, about how this case has a direct and very debauched link to the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases, the abduction of Johnny Gosh and the Oakland County Child Killings?

Why, I’m shocked you say! How could this be true and not have law enforcement and attorneys fumbling all over themselves to get to the bottom of this diabolical plot? Well…that’s because some of them were once a party to your killer’s festivities! Literally!

Let’s talk about the Sphinxes and the yellow house–the awkward rooms it held. Let’s talk about the artistic endeavors in your town and the salacious confidences it holds. Let’s talk about landscapers and underground tunnels…old women and pillows…comic books and cadavers…the poetic license and the license to kill. Let’s talk about whispered words of pedophilia and sex trafficking. Let’s say the word, FOX and understand what and where that means to your killers.

Let’s talk about the colors of red and green and the tendrils of evil and sanctimonious staging in your courtrooms, your crime scenes and your back alleys. Your government and ours training and experimenting with the early Germanic strains of MK ULTRA and leaving their psychotic leftovers to roam the country, searching for their next ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘Dorothy from Oz’.

If the movie, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” cast an eerie shadow over the city of Savannah…what on earth might the title for your backdrop be? how close to the truth is Netflix’s, “Stranger Things”?

The re-release of “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” will explain it all, from corresponding burning barrels in the night, to kill marks in a faded station wagon, to car dealers who traded virtue and trade-ins for cocaine and access and government officials helping to hide and manipulate evidence.

Let’s talk about what really happened in that, “jungle room” and why somebody flew from Columbus to California when they were gifted with a reminder of their evil days on the western coast. Let’s talk about Californian cab drivers and Memphis pyramids…hog jowls and hog ties…naked bodies and river banks…theatre stages and Thelemite altars…butcher knives and bush axes…lady’s stockings and women’s fur coats and how many other men sit in prison for their dealings?

Here’s riddle for you! If so many are part of the preparation and so few of you with your hands on the throttle…if two of you actually die and one of you lies about it…who is left holding the bag?

You hear me out there? Legally, you are the one(s) left standing in the circle…just like in your beloved “ring of roses”!

And speaking of roses…especially the kind that like sunsets and Facebook…your secrets are now a part of literary and legal documentation…want to know how much? I’ll send you both a copy of the book…I have your addresses already!

To be sure–all information and actionable evidence has been responsibly turned over to attorneys and appropriate law enforcement agencies, who can be trusted with its value and merit. If you are one of them, you already know all this and are duty bound to follow through on your mission statements. If you work for one of those agencies and don’t have this information yet…look around at the people you work with and ask yourself why?

Which among you was part of the original secret? Which one of you has blood ties or obligations that bind you to lie? Which of you danced on the edge in the underground parties that preyed on small children…or titillated at the thought of removing elderly matrons and connections and obsessions that bound you to certain obfuscations?

How much longer can you hide from the encroaching truth?

Like I said, the moon tonight is full. It shines light in the dark corners of the histories we avoid- upturns the careful webbings of our secrets. What changes will it bring to Columbus? Who hides in its shadows that will finally be seen for the participants they were and the culpable caveats they continue to be?

In order to serve justice, those in justice must be served…the truth.

Brave enough to read about it

Truth truly is stranger than fiction…buy the book and find out why!

Somebody wants to confess something to you…

September 16, 2017


‘Somebody wants to confess something to you…’

That was the exact subject line in an email I received in my Inbox yesterday. Now, of course the actual email had nothing to do with any of these cases, but the very fact that it had been presented for my viewing and immediately caught my attention, the message gave me great pause.

Was this a sign… a signal from my guides?

Stymied in my enthusiasm by the recent news that the Carlton Gary case process for a new trial had been blocked…I had again begun to question my role in this journey and why my angels and guides had commissioned my involvement in such. After an amazing epiphany the week before that I had been right all along that the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases and the Columbus cases were not only connected to one another by the white 1970’s station wagon that had belonged to a certain landscaper in Columbus, Georgia at the time of the horrendous Stocking Strangler murders of which Carlton Gary was convicted… but, by the equally ironic associations and reactions of another convicted felon on a distant late night drive…I was equally concerned that the last 4 years of my efforts and insights had been in vain.

Then yesterday morning, a feather. A huge feather and after that, the email message about a forthcoming confession.

And then it came…the late-night text that changed everything.

For over two years and several months, Ginny and I had parsed information and known of many more connections and had studied several smaller and unheralded pieces of the two cases that did not fit into their proper holes. Call it misinformation, selective memory skills or outright lies…either way, a certain person’s stories were not matching the trail of evidence we had unearthed or the logical and linear trajectories of reasonable thought.

Those of you who know Brownstone Literary Works, LLC website well, and/or know me personally, already know my constant mantra of Occam’s Razor; the theory that all things being equal… the simplest answer to a situation is generally the truth.

Now, I know the earliest version of the book might have left some questions unanswered, as to certain connections and/or levels of involvements by certain parties in the Columbus cases and then by curious extension, those involved in the Atlanta child murders …but the questions and the segues were far too tantalizing to walk away from and even though asked to do so by several folks…we didn’t. At least not Ginny and me.

Questions like…how involved was a specific family from Columbus with the landscaper and his side-kick geriatric, before these cases became part of an unrealized collective history? Questions like, how an incredibly uninformed writer from the UK, was so sure that Carlton was the killer in a New York case, when all the real and patterned physical evidence called for a much more sinister and alternative collaboration in the death of the unfortunate middle-aged barfly that night, with physical evidence that presented a red flag for those of us in the know…and I mean that quite literally!

So, how were these 3…no, actually 6 people connected and what was the thread that bound them all in this tapestry of illusion and death? And why is the one legally declared dead, still posting ‘little piggies’ on his Facebook page, ever so casually and quite comfortably from another state? Could it be, because he’s been given the heads up by those in Columbus that the fix is in? That he’s safe to continue to live off hush money and insurance fraud funds? And why if law enforcement knows this person has suddenly resurrected from the dead… the public and his insurance company does not? After all, if Capone, though known for his murderous rampages, can eventually and successfully be taken in and brought down by tax fraud… why can’t our homicidal, dead-non-dead landscaper be taken in and brought down by insurance fraud?

Oh, my dear readers…the answers will come very soon!

Already, a more detailed ending to the one that currently stands, is written and waiting to go to print. And while the mill-town judge who has recently escaped impeachment wipes his hands–the peachy DA involved in closing out the Gary case in Columbus, will be soon be wringing hers… shuddering in her little black pumps at the overarching implications it will have for the Columbus ‘murder of crows’ and their most ambitious futures. But to understand this waterfall of information and implications, my dear readers– you must become ‘true crime junkies’! You have to dig deep and I’m not talking pseudo-deep or Barnes and Noble coffee-clutching deep…I’m talking get off your cell phones, stop sucking down your soy latte’s and actually read and devour the substantive edifications in the book! Quit asking for the Cliff Notes version—stop skipping to and from your narcissistic whims to hip-hop and slide through the more difficult sections, so you can name drop and page punt on pod casts and Facebook pages! Just do the work and muddle through it. Every word is important…every sentence matters, because every nuance and innuendo was a part of their plan…clues to their cause and methods and manners of kills and without the key to their road map–you are forever lost. Which by the way, is exactly where they want you!

Do the work… the real work it takes to solve crimes and understand the psyche of the players involved. Your little TV sets and iPads can’t teach you in your commercialized CSI haze to figure out the subtle nuances of clues-the motivations and symbolisms of physical evidence. It doesn’t prompt you to think outside the box that hasn’t even been drawn yet. That’s the Gerber baby TV crime stopper drivel; pre-written, pre-determined and commercially perscribed outcomes of wanna-be-flatfoots and writers that live vicariously through their characters. This is true crime- not true crap!

No offense Hollywood…but grow up and begin to tap into the real human experience, which doesn’t come drizzled with caramelized sugary tarts that fill their darts and catchy phrases that sound like gritty police lingo and secret social codes. That’s where Netflix begins to rule the turf. They get it and this is right up their alley.

Let the life of the victims and the motives of the real killers amaze you with the complexity with which they chose and sacrifice others’ lives. Understand the men who walk your streets and run the underbelly of your cities.

I cannot tell you how defeating it is to do so much work, and then to have agents of both law and the courts pooh-pooh one’s efforts, because they didn’t discover the information first. Or that following another thread, easily winds them and they are too feeble of conviction to abide by their sacred oath. Since when did justice become more about the ego of the badge or the ink upon the diploma or their 401 K’s and not about the victims and the legacies of the ghosts left behind to suffer their inabilities to be effectual?

Just read the book… take the time and take it seriously.

So, how where these 6 men connected?

Who lured… who killed… who covered-up?

What evidence was taken…what kept…what destroyed or conveniently lost?

Why is it so important that these old cases be buried by a tiny attorney, whose father was in business at one time with the known POI? Why did they not recuse themselves and why was the POI’s name removed from the suspects’ list, when the witness testimonies and interview statements yelled them from the files?

Why does it take a handful of women who never met before, to unearth and reveal what thousands of police and FBI case workers have somehow overlooked or hidden for decades?

“It’s so simple…” the guides said…”Look– don’t see…look!” and I did and then I saw what was hidden in their crafted clues. So, why didn’t others learn how to look and see in the same manner? And why do the people who beg for such information…the very people whose job it is to hunt and peck… to gather and assimilate such information, feign at the weight of the findings brought to them on a silver platter? What possible strain of insecurity allows these people to myopically push the plate of justice away, because it doesn’t fit into their emotional or mental appetite?

Good questions all…

So how do the Columbus Stocking Stranglings and the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases, together with the more than 100 other cases depicted in the epic TRUE CRIME novel… “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” fit together?

Oh, my dear readers, even the prison guards don’t know the answers to this one, but in little more than 72 hours… the rest of the world eventually will! Information will be received, paragraphs and pages written and understanding gained.

Until then; here’s a thought to ponder and let roll around inside your head, like a chipped marble…balking and bouncing off your receptors of reason.

What happened to all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that came from both federal accounts and private citizens to the Atlanta government officials that was supposed to be set aside for the person or persons who would eventually solve the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases? Where is that money? Who spent it? How was it used?

By law it should still be there. If not…who cashed the checks and who got paid to keep you ignorant?

I ask this, not out of greed, but to establish another pattern.  Because, if what we have discovered rings true and truth indeed rings clear without taint of ego or materialism… this book will give you the answers to who and how those young souls were taken. Why they were chosen and who should really be behind bars awaiting the long final walk to justice.

As for the money, the citizens of Atlanta…YOU need to continue to ask that question, because beyond taking care of the victim’s family themselves first… part of that long lost paycheck should be used to complete the vision of a tasteful memorial to those young souls sacrificed, as well dividends set aside to promote and support further investigations into the questionable actions of those involved and to provide monetary and legal support for the wrongfully convicted and those who have carried the financial burden of this great discovery alone.

You want to complain about racial or criminal justice from the comfort of your couch…you do that.

You want to scream at the television and cry to your friends that the world is unfair… you do that. Just know that nobody is going to listen or go to bat to make you feel more comfortable with your complacency- you must get off your couch and do that for yourself!

You want resolutions and truth…come join us! Buy the book- educate yourself first, so that you can be armed with truth and vetted evidence. Why am I so sure this information is vetted? How can I make such a claim? Because most of it came from the FBI and Atlanta Police Department and ME files! You see, critical files that are aggressively redacted, are still incredible sources of information. Why? Because the files are redacted by those individuals at the time, who decide what they believe is important to share or keep from the public’s view. Thing is…if you don’t know what’s important in the first place…or you assume you are so much cleverer than the average Joe…the truth remains hidden in the open.

Catch my drift?

As the great Southern writer, Anne River Siddons says…
“Perception is everything, my darling!”

So, as Carlton Gary once again mounts his efforts to shoot for another appeal…here is mine:

Wake up Columbus and Atlanta!!!!!

Or, are you too afraid to know the truth about the men who lured and tortured children–strangled your elderly women and traveled the United States on a histrionic killing spree? What about the young African American victims who went missing under your watch Atlanta or the brutal murder of one of Atlanta’s most beneficent families, Columbus… the Coca Cola’s founding family member, Kathleen Woodruff? What about the final legacies and moments of the other children and women in this state, who died at the hands of folks different than you have been told?

If the Coca Cola family attorneys from Columbus or Atlanta are listening close enough… the book is talking their kind of language! I’ll send you a copy free of charge–just read it. Find out who really killed Coca-Cola’s and the Woodruff Arts Center’s fame Kathleen Woodruff!

 Just because they call a case closed… doesn’t mean it should be! Get it right Columbus and Atlanta…get it right. The victims and their survivors deserve the truth.



Available now through

*(Wait just one more week for the new evidence to be updated and included!)

Sometimes you’re the bug…

August 26, 2017


Have you ever heard the old saying…

“Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug”?

Well, yesterday I was the bug. Even now, 24 hours later I’m still searching for the reasons why…or am I? Maybe deep down inside I already know why I was the bug and just don’t want to acknowledge that I played small part in my momentous crashing.

A thought…

Have you ever danced around an issue so long that the path becomes worn and you just want the universe to help you make a decision, because you’re uncertain that if you jump—it might be the wrong time? Perhaps this is the universe saying my path has now become a rut and things need to change. But how does one move from a space of habit and comfort to a place of unknown variables, with faith and joy? And why does the cattle prod seem to be so much sharper this time?

One would have thought that with all the good things one has done and the levels of higher conscience one has tapped into, that somehow the universe would pat you on the back for your efforts…not slap you across the fanny to get your attention.

That’s the unexpected piece…the piece that doesn’t fit the puzzle…the round peg-square hole combination that completely catches you off guard and tips you off your axis. Yesterday was that day; the day that plucked me from my path by the collar and then dumped another even larger pile of rocks in my path.

Why? What was the purpose?

Does the universe want me to stop in my path or do they want me to climb higher?

Confused, I’m currently using the pile of rocks to sit and rest in quiet contemplation. Is this current group of people in my life a good fit for the work I do? Are they toxic or encouraging–do they support or scatter my energies? It’s a universal conundrum, one I do not suffer alone.

But why the bug?

Haven’t I earned the right to be the windshield with all my good deeds?

Sometimes being the bug can bring clarity; it splays your life before you in all its pretty and ugly parts and then allows you to stand back and objectively observe each piece for what it is. So maybe yesterday was the wake-up call that I needed to either change my scenery, change my perspective or get a bigger shovel. The trouble is… how do I know which message is the right one? How do I know when it’s time to leap or simply time to shift my emotional weight to another foot and look at life through another perspective?

Thus, the rocks. This huge pile of rocks that tumbled from the skies yesterday, that now seem to taunt me—asking me to decide if they are an obstacle or a step up to somewhere and something else…something better. Still raw from this encounter, I have spent the better part of the last 24 hours simply tapping at this pile with a tiny chisel of questions, chipping away at each boulder trying to break its message down.

Can I own some of the collective confusion…did I somehow subconsciously trigger an unwanted, but cosmicly calculated avalanche in order to force a change in my path? Maybe…


You see, when negativity or negative people begin to surround you, you tend to back off—trying to give yourself time and space to analyze their intentions and actions and to effectively shield yourself and redistribute your strength.  And gun shy, because certain people or situations have a pattern of pulling you in long enough to set you up again …I simply decided to increase the distance. You know…walked on the other side of the metaphorical street, avoided the high traffic areas of convergence or floated through the sea of others without acknowledging quasi attempts to re-engage.

Leaving things behind…unsaid…mostly because there was little point to go over old territory issues and rejoin the cycle. But by doing so, when does the shield of protection, suddenly become interpreted as the weapon of irritation? When does one’s lack of engagement for self-preservation become, another’s new arsenal for annoyance?

Thus, my pile of rocks still blocks my path. So to help break it down, let’s ask a few more questions.

When does walking away from someone or something that breeds only negativity become the stick that drives you further away or the cattle prod used in reverse to poke you to re-engage? And how much of this is your inner self telling you that you need to move on before you have somehow simply surrendered to their endless patterns? And why does being the bigger person all the time, somehow make you feel smaller inside your head?

Again…my pile of rocks shifts…but still remains!

After a few more questions, the pile seems smaller…still there, but smaller so I will continue to chip away at each boulder trying to decipher each one’s meaning. So, trying to find the lesson… here I sit with my pile of rocks, pushing one this way—another that way—trying to clear a path to where I thought I was supposed to be headed. And if another pile of rocks falls after I have cleared my current path? Then, the message is clear that I should change my direction and allow the universe to help me navigate the second pile by heading in a new direction, with a new perspective.

Even now, as one rock begins to fall on its own…I am forced to readjust my sitting position and another rock is released, falling away. Suddenly, I begin to realize something else.

Sometimes a pile of rocks is just a pile of rocks and my experience may have been just a small part of someone else’s bigger avalanche, meant for another’s lesson or healing. In that case…may I find a diamond in the bottom of the pile before this day ends and go back to being the windshield!

Broken angel wings…

August 15, 2017


There was a hint of fall in the air this morning and even though that does not mean that summer is over…it is almost as if this summer never really began. Locked in the throes of additional research, endless theatre programs and familial obligations, the summer sun and feathery clouds drifted were they willed—all without my permission or my ability to enjoy them.

Though still in physical residence, the days seemed to run their course without me truly present to enjoy them.

So, I have made a decision…today I stop.

Today, I will greet the morning with the enthusiasm it deserves, relish the smell of rain or the warm breeze that tickles at my desire to play hooky from life for a day and simply breathe-without course or agenda to drive its destination.

In and out shall have to be directive enough, for this soul is in dire need of simply enjoying the moment that is. So busy with chasing clues and penning results, I have all but lost contact with the world that spins about me and I have need of returning to my senses and not my head.

In deciding to do so, I stopped long enough in the hall to see a small knick-knack that had somehow been damaged in the constant swinging of dog tails that pass their way to my office. Carefully, I took the lid off the ornate little wire cage that holds this small knick-knack…an angel winged kitten.

Now, being a dog personally…one might find its existence in my house awkward. Still, I found it a curiosity, as the kitten had been made complete with a large set of angel wings attached to its back. At the time ten years ago, I thought it merely cute—not prophetic and so purchased it. In an even more unlikely setting, I found a small birdcage in the same shoppe and thought, ‘Oh how clever of me’, if I were to but place said tiny winged creature inside this cage! Irony at its best, no? A winged cat, trapped in a bird cage!

Irony at its best, no? A winged cat, trapped in a bird cage!

A winged cat, trapped in a bird cage!?

But today, irony be damned.

Beneath the tiny chair that holds this unlikely menagerie…I found the broken tip of a wing and so set out to save this poor angel cat from its injury. Needless to say; cat, wing and I were immediately covered in crazy glue and while I was stuck to it and it to me…I paused to appreciate the sense of good karma I was building in repairing the small wee plastered creature and hoped that the day would bring us both a smile from heaven.

Soooooo…. even though most of my posts are filled with the things that go bump in the night and tales of horrors and villainous acts—for this one day, let there be something lighter in our baskets to carry about. As usual, tomorrow I shall return to the detective I innately am and will fill you with information and appalling details of the cases I am about and all will return to normalcy and cadence…but for today?

Today, I just wish to be among the earth and not among the many facts and figures that plague my brain each second of the day. Today, I want to just be the winged cat that got out of her cage—even if only for a few minutes, to have her wings re-tipped and the irony of her very existence appreciated!

Happy Birthday Mary…


August 7, 2017



Today’s Tarot card is the 7 of Wands…the checkmate card and for those of you who have been following my investigations, today is significant.

Today I declare, CHECKMATE! And I would like to thank in part, not only those who have helped along the way…but a recent series on the History Channel, “THE AMERICAN RIPPER; H. H. HOLMES”, whose most recent findings have helped to support my lengthy supposition through an elaborate maze of facts, evidence and circumstance contained in my most recent novel: “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR”.

Now, what you might say does this awkward and antiquated segue have to do with the Columbus Stocking Strangler kills of 1977 and 1978?

The answer…EVERYTHING!!!

Let me explain.

Ok, so we have done the polite nibbling around the corners of the truth and then the not so polite hints at what the book is whispering to folks in Columbus, but today…maybe we tell them the bulk of it all. You want to?

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Ok, here we go….


You have been lied to for over almost 4 decades. The man who killed your 7 elderly women, including Coca Cola’s own Kathleen Woodruff…is NOT the man sitting in Jackson, Georgia on DEATH ROW for these crimes. Oh, I know your courts and your DA tell you he is the guy…but evidence doesn’t lie…people do.

Want to know how I know?


Carlton Gary, while not the kind of man you bring home to meet mamma…may be a lot of things, none overtly respectable or exemplary…but is he really a serial killer? The evidence says, nope. The shoe-mold doesn’t match…bite-mold doesn’t match…DNA doesn’t match and most of the original witness testimonies and statements given to your Police and Sheriff’s Department don’t match either. Surprised to hear that? You shouldn’t be. He was never the real prime suspect and your law enforcement knows it. Well, some of them do.

To find your killer (s) you have to look a little more home grown than Carlton Gary…and the answer as to whom this true suspect might be will make you want to wretch. Why?

Because he has been in your homes, hanging your drapes, raking and planting your yards for years. His friends? Oh, you may know them too. They walked your streets, loved the arts and graced the halls of many a university or college, spouting their flowery poetry and spinning their medieval yarns as they went. One even left the Manhattan Project to become an artist, so he could hide their dark deeds in his “paste-ups”. Clever boy…he liked puzzles too!

Curious now as to how an American Poet Laureate and a famous “collage’ artist gave up their souls to the devil, so they could practice their cultist beliefs right within your historic district and never bat an eye about how many bodies or body parts may lay just beneath your heirloom roses or your custom _______________?

Gosh, I hate to give the best parts of the book away after all the work that has gone into it, but here’s a juicy tidbit…your killer is still alive!

You see, the best thing about a psychopath is their ego. Dang, if it doesn’t always rat them out! You can be so clever, for so long and hide and bury and cheat and lie and buy people off and in the end, you can even fake your death…but your ego just doesn’t give a damn about being cautious–he wants to be recognized and admired, and will call you out every day of the week and all day on Sunday!

Yesterday, as a matter of fact!

Today is the 7th of the 8th month, a full moon and an eclipse—all in the same space! The man in the traditional 7 of Wands of the Tarot has just planted his final stave in the ground to mark his territory and the completion of his task! Checkmate Mr. Landscaper, Mr. Poet, Mr. Artist and Mr. Historian!

It’s the checkmate card, so…Checkmate Mr. Landscaper, Mr. Poet, Mr. Artist and Mr. Historian!

There are no more moves on the board to be played…game over. You lose!

If you come forward to challenge me, you confirm my theory and still go to prison. If you sue me for libel, you identify yourselves and everyone will then begin to suspect the same things that I do. If you die, you still burn in Hell…but wasn’t that the point all along?

The devil has taken two down… two to go.

You read, The Book of the Dead and Liber Al…now read my book. I think the two of you remaining will find it interesting reading. I’m sure every FBI agent and law enforcement agency and attorney who received the book already did. Now, perhaps you should read it… tell me if I missed anything.

I know you’ll want to book that flight to the West coast, but wait…they may be watching. I know I will be. Just like that last time, after you checked your mail…remember?

Now, I have printed a good many of these books since the end of last year and along the way added some stunning new information, so I apologize to those who have some of the first copies. But the final edition is now racing its way through the ether net to make way for the greatest announcement of all.

Today…I believe I can say, some of the most famous serial killings in the United States have finally been pieced together. Four men, one mission! Your mentor would have been proud.

Buy the book Columbus…you need to know who your neighbors really are!


Connection and new information for the Johnny Gosch case…

July 30, 2017


“Connections to the Johnny Gosch case?” you ask?

To answer that, you must first know who he was.

Who was/is Johnny Gosch?

Johnny Gosch was a 12 -year -old boy who was abducted from his paper route off 42nd Street in West Des Moines, Iowa on September 5th, 1982. He was taken from his early morning route, while delivering the Des Moines Register and Tribune.

How is this connected to me or to my latest true crime book, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR”?

Because at 10, I once delivered the Des Moines Register and Tribune with my 2 older siblings, who often abandoned me to hang out at the nearby Dunkin Donuts, till I was done delivering their route. Now, while that’s an interesting piece of nostalgia…mostly for me…there is a point.

Where was this paper route, where a young kid was left to fold and toss papers onto stranger’s front porches and door fronts? It was off 42nd Street! Decades and a few blocks apart from mine, but still, too close for comfort.

A coincidence?


Remember, nothing is ever by chance—only by design.

Now, why again is this important to me?

Because this case is in the book.

So, why would a case about a young boy missing in Iowa concern a writer whose opening pages of a true crime investigative novel concerns herself with a series of elderly women who were raped and strangled in Columbus, Georgia?

Because I believe they can be connected.


Because Johnny Gosch (and potentially a later abductee, Eugene Martin) was allegedly connected to a “CIA” ‘handler’—Michael Aquino. Michael Aquino, a controversial CIA figure who was credited with bringing the CIA’s MK ULTRA mind control program into the military base at the Presidio—was also a man whose name was repeatedly attached to its child abuse sex scandals and the infamous 1980’s sex ring scandal connected to children allegedly being abducted from the Boy’s Town complexes in Nebraska, to fulfill orders for an elite pedophilia ring, who trafficked in sex both nationally and internationally.

But that’s not all…

One of the alleged killers in my book– who I believe I can prove was involved in the stranglings in Columbus, had a DIRECT and chronicled connection to Aquino and his MK ULTRA programs. And why has this become even more important to me, since the books’ original release in December of this year where this was frst mentioned?

Because although it was said Johnny used a wagon to help haul his papers about in many of the information sites visited—a recent article by Pat Curtis in Radio Iowa, (July 2017) reminded me that it was a RED wagon he pulled.

Now why is that important?

Those of you who have already read the book understand immediately why! But for those of you who haven’t…here’s the shorthand.

Because Michael Aquino was the lead programmer for the CIA’s MK ULTRA program going way back, after the Germans originally introduced it to us under other names after WWII. And why is that important? Because part of the MK ULTRA experience was that men and women, (some voluntary, some forced through generational or familial contracts) under either drug and/or sexual and/or psychologically induced control, were taught various skill sets.  Some were taught to have sex to gain information, some to artfully assassinate and/or sadistically torture their targets, and others to abduct and detain to maintain a supply of victims to those in power…all according to word or color trigger associations given by their handlers. One of the most color prevalent triggers being used at the time was the color RED.

And, since it is well documented that Michael Aquino had a direct military connection to 1 of my alleged killers — it is most likely he was well acquainted with the other 3 POI’s mentioned through their military and sexually persuaded communities. Through extensive research and both direct and circumstantial evidence, it appears they all may be connected to the sex trafficking of children from California to Columbus, to Denver, to Las Vegas, to Michigan, to Washington DC and points beyond. In addition to the sex trafficking– I believe the information garnered supports equal involvement by my POI’s in such generational and histrionic serial killings as; the 1945 Chicago Lipstick Murders, the 1946 Black Dahlia murder, the 1960’s Boston Strangler murders, the 1970’s Columbus Stocking Strangler cases, as well as the infamous  Sonoma Strangler and Zodiac kills in California and the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children of the 1980’s—along with, the Oakland County Child Killings, and the West Memphis Three…plus many more cases that remain unsolved and unheralded in other states like; Colorado, Texas, Florida (including the Florida Keys), Pennsylvania, Maine, Louisiana, Georgia and many more. (The book explains the connections.)

Want to know more?

The book will explain the color-coded kill triggers of the MK ULTRA programs and the connections between Aquino and the 2 POI’s and their partners, which I believe can be connected to a series of killings even cryptically chronicled in an active shooter video game one of the killers contributed to and the clues and keys finally discovered to decipher their professional ramblings and art.

The book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CCRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR has been recently re-released with additional information and eye witness testimonies. It provides the answers to why these alleged killers were able to get away with murder for over 5 decades, under the cover of their professions, their political and military connections and their cultist devotions to a cultist order, the great Egyptian Book of the Dead, the god father of evil–Alleister Crowley and the histrionic and original American serial killer…Herman Mudgett…AKA…H.H. Holmes… the suspected Jack the Ripper.

Want to know why I now must make such announcements so public?

Because the time has come for law agencies everywhere to step forward and respond to the hundreds of clues and connections gifted them to these cases and the key that binds them all. Though I have personally reached out to many detectives and individual local agencies, there are too many to continue on an individual basis; though I will gladly answer to all.

Since 2015, this information has been made privately available and/or provided to all appropriate parties (law enforcement and appropriate attorneys) … but now the general public needs to know what they know, so that the evidence can be shared with the victims families to help support a movement towards contemporary justice.

Buy the book… read it and then demand your local law to follow the informational map the killers left behind to help re-open these cases and bring this new information into their investigations. Many victims have names, many we have only the circumstance of their death and state or physical location, personal descriptions of wounds and/or scenarios–so carefully read every word. Learn of a special code and a hidden key that will lead them to the answers, millions of Americans have asked since the 1940’s.

Want to know who the Boston Strangler really was? Or who killed the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short? Want to know who was the real Zodiac; or should I say…Zodiacs? Want to know why the victims were targeted and how these men are connected to each other and to the victims? Want to know why Atlanta never really caught its 1980’s child killer and why the smoke screen of ‘patterned credit’ and not actual charges were made against a man who still sits in prison for life?

Read the book and share it. Together, we the public can help law enforcement finish the jobs they have long been unable to do.

LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR by T.A. Powell, is not just another cheesy 2-bit thriller filled with speculation and fabrication…it is a 732 page, deeply researched and professionally documented dossier on case information, which clearly demonstrates these men can be connected by patterned behaviors, timelines, locations, MO’s, circumstantial and direct physical evidence, and eye witness testimonial.

This evidence will give you the roadmap that solves the mysteries behind the kills and the cover-ups in more local cases like the Columbus, Georgia Michael Curry Family Massacre, the Mary Sue Butler Ogletree murder…even the Columbus Stocking Strangler kills, which took the life of Kathleen Woodruff—one of Coca Cola’s founding family members! Evidence shows how these killers moved between serial killings…and how through both guided information and forensic disciplines, the key to their dynastic horrors has finally been deciphered.

Read and learn the truth about the Columbus man who declared his death in 2010, yet calmly resides now in a state who has no idea that a killer walks among them.

Read the book and educate yourself before another innocent man on Death Row is sacrificed for the secrets of a local government and a federal program, which continues to try and paint a narrative that avoids calling their own personnel and actions into question. *

Ignorance is not bliss…it is dangerous.




Available at now

(*All appropriate local and federal law enforcement and attorneys have been appraised of information contained in this novel.)




Cold Case Murders…they are not just history!!

July 16, 2017


Cold case murders are not just history…they are the legacies of the victims and the families that must survive them.

Now, read that again!

Cold case murders matter! They matter to the victims, the families and to the stability and the honor of all law enforcement agencies, because the loss of life and the grief endured through brutal means does not have an expiration date. Victims have a right to have their deaths acknowledged and their murders solved–no excuses, no complaining or capitulating and hiding behind deficinies.

If I hear, “Nobody cares, it happened so long ago” one more time, I might scream myself. Time can be a gracioius friend to the cold case, even as it can be its biggest enemy.

The latest book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR  deals with over a hundred cold case murders that range from the Chicago Lipstick Murders of 1945, the Black Dahlia, the Boston Stranglings, the Zodiac kills, the West Memphis Three, the Columbus Stocking Stranglings, the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children of Atlanta and a plethora of other less known serial killings.

Why do these cases matter?

Because peolple got away with murder and then lived their lives without consequence.

Murder has consequence…

Read the book…call your local and Federal law and force them to sit up and take notice! These crimes have now been solved… the book explores and explains the journey taken to achieve this goal.

Hello Netflix? You think “Stranger Things” is a big hit? Check out the real impetus for the CIA’s mind control MK ULTRA programs!!

Hello History and the Discovery Channel producers??? Think your H. H. Holmes–American Ripper series answers all the questions? Guess again!!

Here’s your next ticket to success, so feel free to check it out and then place a call.

Literay agents take note: Check out this unbelievably coherent and substative compilation of multi-generational cold case research and direct and actionable evidence and then feel free to call. Everything is ready for you  to move forward.

Check us out: Brownstone LiteryaryWorks…we deliver the truth!



by T. A. Powell


Are you ready?

July 3, 2017


Every once in a while, the universe sees we have wandered from our path  and gently reminds us that we should be grateful for what we already have and for what we have already accomplished in our lives. I’ve had that experience several times over the last few days, as the universe recognized that I was replacing continual compassion with impatience and annoyance.

Still struggling with physical complications  from a year-old car accident and the jarring emotions of attorneys volleying back and forth over the value of my injuries and pain…along with frustrated silence over the lack of decisive justice so desperately needed for those cases involved in my book…I have been concentrating on the wrong energies and trying to force God’s timing to match mine.

Yes… insert a laugh here!

Why? Because, that kind of nonsense never works and shouldn’t really. We see but a small part of the larger picture and could easily make decisions that harm us or others unnecessarily, out of a lack of patience.

We all do it…even those of us who know better. After a head on collision last year, and two subsequent smaller accidents–NONE MY FAULT– I have been upset, because the other insurance company has been stalling and wanting to avoid payments for any pain and suffering. Did I get hurt? Yep…I did and several issues have altered my level of sufficiency. I even had to have surgery on my left leg. On Friday however, I met a man who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident—not just damaged—lost it! Now, I won’t belittle my own injuries and subsequent surgery, because that pain and the residual and permanent results from the accident won’t change…but I still have my leg.

Now, I won’t belittle my own injuries and subsequent surgery, because that pain and the residual and permanent results from that horrendous accident won’t change and they should be recognized and acknowledged as real…but I still have my leg.

Trite as it is—yes, it gave me a new perspective. As for his compenation? He received nothing for his pain and suffering; in fact, he received nothing at all, because the man who hit him had no insurance and nothing worthy to garner.

His attitude?

Wonderfully positive!

Feeling a bit sheepish, I saw the hand of spirit trying to remind me that I have much to be grateful for and little to be so anxious about. He manages, just as I will mange. As for the book? Writers are like actors—we too seek for our work to be kindly appraised and receive feedback about our efforts.The quiet that surrounds these cases and the response from authorities to this book confound me. So what did the universe do?

It sent a message.

Saturday, I received from someone  a paper clipping about the upcoming release of a friend’s book…and attached to that, a short note about her opinion of my book about Charley (THE THIN GRAY LINE), saying that my “…writing ability was astounding!”  Since she is a writer as well, I was honored.

It was two very simple and innocuous social engagements that reminded me that, that I have everything that I need and that my words do touch people—that my work brings both joy and sorrow to others, in that they are conveyed to a separate and ethereal world created by my verbiage. And that the silence about these cases is more than likely that things are happening behind the scenes–things that the book has promted and things that cannot be made public just yet.

For an instant, I reversed my perspective and realized that I have been gauging my success by the number of books sold, the number of 5 star reviews and the feedback of those who lives have been touched or tortured by my topics…instead of the gratitiude of those who were victims. I have been concentrating on the earthly plane of compensation and not the ethereal plane of gratitude and faiith,where in truth and in spirit… all has already been sucessfully healed.

It was another reminder to let go and let God.

Today, I am not only on vacation—but getting new floors in the upstairs of a cottage I had tried to sell several years ago, at the beginning of writing, Lords of the Harvest. I am even going to paint the treads of my stairs to look like book covers… 3 of them mine! Ironic, huh? The book Lords of the Harvest: A True Crime Investigative Memoir is now finished and available on and the adventure is has taken me on is not over.

You must read this book…not just because it helps move forward justice for the cases this book deals with, but because it gives those who have yet to awaken a chance to take a peek into the life of someone who deals with spirit and angels on a daily, hourly, momentary basis and it will flog your imagination…not because I write about it, but because I live it.

It’s a little like coming out of the spiritual closet in print. Yes, I work with both spirit guides and angels and openly recognize their absolute importance in my life and the lives of those I am trying to help. Does that frighten you or turn you off… it shouldn’t? The spirit world is a constant and our deceased loved ones surround us every day, wishing us well and guiding us along our evolutionary past.

Yesterday, both my parents made their presence known several times throughout the day and each time they did, it was with a precious memory and a humorous twist. Both, reminding me that I have much to be grateful for, much to be proud of and much to congratulate myself on and…that I must allow the universe to take my work and let it unfold in its own time, for those who need to see it and avail themselves of its knowledge and evidence.

It’s hard, isn’t it…the waiting?

But spirit is asking me to use my vacation for what it is supposed to be used for—to relax and rejuvenate. For someone like myself that is hard, because I am always in motion—always working on something, at something and seldom truly relax. But the universe is asking me to just stop—concentrate on me: what I want, what I need and reminding me to take some time to just breathe, in order to prepare for what is about to come.

And what is it that is about to come?

Good question…

Jupiter is in Libra and is about to expand everything. Uranus is about to bring forth the unexpected. A full moon in Capricorn at 17*, will challenge Jupiter and then connect to Pluto, only to after the full moon challenge Mars–the planet of action! This closest full moon in the beginning of the month will redirect the paths of our lives in big and unexpected ways!!

Rumor has it that for me, the date of 7/17/17 will be a huge trigger for something momentous and life altering…7-7-7!

Are you ready?

I am…

Frustrated with timing of the universe…

June 25, 2017


The universe has been a tad bit frustrating of  late–mostly for the impatient over achievers who bust their bunny-rabbits and then wait for the fruits of their labor to blossom and then…get the big game called for rain!

I know, I know…usually, I say ‘just chill out and let the universe do what it needs to do and get out of the way’! It’s not that anything is wrong, per say. Life is good, family is great, job is well…I’m grateful…Jupiter is finally direct and so things can start to move forward.

Yes, I am both grateful and…impatient. Which is probably why spirit sent me a church sign on the way home the other day that read: “HAVING FAITH MEANS HAVING FAITH IN GOD’S TIMING AS WELL!”

They are notorious for keeping me in line with immediate sarcasm.

As for the book? More and more are reading it and finding out the truth!

Its’ like the slow build inside a volcano. The agencies and attorneys have the information–I know, because I gave 2 formal reports and sent them the book, now re-released and filled with even MORE DIRECT EVIDENCE; including eye witness testimonies and the most recent positive identification of one of the killers. Yes, its’ all out there for the FBI, GBI, CIA  to read and for lay folks to buy and consume. No more hiding behind law and corrupt court and government officials. The Columbus Stocking Strangler case has been a complete farce! A man sits in prison while the killer sits in ______________, going to fairs and the cops know it!

Want to know where? He could be your neighbor, or the man that fixes furniture, takes his dog to Walmart, goes to the theatre! Folks are watching him even as this is written. What was your favorite little ditty again?

“Ring a round a rosie, a pocket full of posies..ashes, ashes…we all fall down!” Or, maybe we just get old, wear diapers, take heart medication and shit in our drawers every time we see a cop car drive by or recognize our profile in  this blog:

The artist!

The poet!

The lunatic!

The fool!

Get me now, boys? You have been identified! Remember, the dead tell no tales–they tell the truth!

Think Netflix’s, “Stranger Things” series is just a fairy tale or that the CIA and their secret programs are all made up?

Let’s talk about the CIA’s MK ULTRA programs, the Presidio, Michael Acquino and our killers. Lets’ talk about Chicago…Boston…Denver…San Fransisco…Texas…Columbus…and the children in Michigan and Atlanta! All of these serial killings and brutal cases are connected and many more — only not to the men sitting in prison today for them on DEATH ROW or LIFE, as Mr. David Rose of Vanity Fair would have you think!

The real killers are free in various forms…some dead, some who faked their death and the other still walking among you. Wake up Columbus!!

Do your home work America…read the book…get to the truth!



Available now at


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