Broken angel wings…


There was a hint of fall in the air this morning and even though that does not mean that summer is over…it is almost as if this summer never really began. Locked in the throes of additional research, endless theatre programs and familial obligations, the summer sun and feathery clouds drifted were they willed—all without my permission or my ability to enjoy them.

Though still in physical residence, the days seemed to run their course without me truly present to enjoy them.

So, I have made a decision…today I stop.

Today, I will greet the morning with the enthusiasm it deserves, relish the smell of rain or the warm breeze that tickles at my desire to play hooky from life for a day and simply breathe-without course or agenda to drive its destination.

In and out shall have to be directive enough, for this soul is in dire need of simply enjoying the moment that is. So busy with chasing clues and penning results, I have all but lost contact with the world that spins about me and I have need of returning to my senses and not my head.

In deciding to do so, I stopped long enough in the hall to see a small knick-knack that had somehow been damaged in the constant swinging of dog tails that pass their way to my office. Carefully, I took the lid off the ornate little wire cage that holds this small knick-knack…an angel winged kitten.

Now, being a dog personally…one might find its existence in my house awkward. Still, I found it a curiosity, as the kitten had been made complete with a large set of angel wings attached to its back. At the time ten years ago, I thought it merely cute—not prophetic and so purchased it. In an even more unlikely setting, I found a small birdcage in the same shoppe and thought, ‘Oh how clever of me’, if I were to but place said tiny winged creature inside this cage! Irony at its best, no? A winged cat, trapped in a bird cage!

Irony at its best, no? A winged cat, trapped in a bird cage!

A winged cat, trapped in a bird cage!?

But today, irony be damned.

Beneath the tiny chair that holds this unlikely menagerie…I found the broken tip of a wing and so set out to save this poor angel cat from its injury. Needless to say; cat, wing and I were immediately covered in crazy glue and while I was stuck to it and it to me…I paused to appreciate the sense of good karma I was building in repairing the small wee plastered creature and hoped that the day would bring us both a smile from heaven.

Soooooo…. even though most of my posts are filled with the things that go bump in the night and tales of horrors and villainous acts—for this one day, let there be something lighter in our baskets to carry about. As usual, tomorrow I shall return to the detective I innately am and will fill you with information and appalling details of the cases I am about and all will return to normalcy and cadence…but for today?

Today, I just wish to be among the earth and not among the many facts and figures that plague my brain each second of the day. Today, I want to just be the winged cat that got out of her cage—even if only for a few minutes, to have her wings re-tipped and the irony of her very existence appreciated!

Happy Birthday Mary…

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