Today’s Tarot card is the 7 of Wands…the checkmate card and for those of you who have been following my investigations, today is significant.

Today I declare, CHECKMATE! And I would like to thank in part, not only those who have helped along the way…but a recent series on the History Channel, “THE AMERICAN RIPPER; H. H. HOLMES”, whose most recent findings have helped to support my lengthy supposition through an elaborate maze of facts, evidence and circumstance contained in my most recent novel: “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR”.

Now, what you might say does this awkward and antiquated segue have to do with the Columbus Stocking Strangler kills of 1977 and 1978?

The answer…EVERYTHING!!!

Let me explain.

Ok, so we have done the polite nibbling around the corners of the truth and then the not so polite hints at what the book is whispering to folks in Columbus, but today…maybe we tell them the bulk of it all. You want to?

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Ok, here we go….


You have been lied to for over almost 4 decades. The man who killed your 7 elderly women, including Coca Cola’s own Kathleen Woodruff…is NOT the man sitting in Jackson, Georgia on DEATH ROW for these crimes. Oh, I know your courts and your DA tell you he is the guy…but evidence doesn’t lie…people do.

Want to know how I know?


Carlton Gary, while not the kind of man you bring home to meet mamma…may be a lot of things, none overtly respectable or exemplary…but is he really a serial killer? The evidence says, nope. The shoe-mold doesn’t match…bite-mold doesn’t match…DNA doesn’t match and most of the original witness testimonies and statements given to your Police and Sheriff’s Department don’t match either. Surprised to hear that? You shouldn’t be. He was never the real prime suspect and your law enforcement knows it. Well, some of them do.

To find your killer (s) you have to look a little more home grown than Carlton Gary…and the answer as to whom this true suspect might be will make you want to wretch. Why?

Because he has been in your homes, hanging your drapes, raking and planting your yards for years. His friends? Oh, you may know them too. They walked your streets, loved the arts and graced the halls of many a university or college, spouting their flowery poetry and spinning their medieval yarns as they went. One even left the Manhattan Project to become an artist, so he could hide their dark deeds in his “paste-ups”. Clever boy…he liked puzzles too!

Curious now as to how an American Poet Laureate and a famous “collage’ artist gave up their souls to the devil, so they could practice their cultist beliefs right within your historic district and never bat an eye about how many bodies or body parts may lay just beneath your heirloom roses or your custom _______________?

Gosh, I hate to give the best parts of the book away after all the work that has gone into it, but here’s a juicy tidbit…your killer is still alive!

You see, the best thing about a psychopath is their ego. Dang, if it doesn’t always rat them out! You can be so clever, for so long and hide and bury and cheat and lie and buy people off and in the end, you can even fake your death…but your ego just doesn’t give a damn about being cautious–he wants to be recognized and admired, and will call you out every day of the week and all day on Sunday!

Yesterday, as a matter of fact!

Today is the 7th of the 8th month, a full moon and an eclipse—all in the same space! The man in the traditional 7 of Wands of the Tarot has just planted his final stave in the ground to mark his territory and the completion of his task! Checkmate Mr. Landscaper, Mr. Poet, Mr. Artist and Mr. Historian!

It’s the checkmate card, so…Checkmate Mr. Landscaper, Mr. Poet, Mr. Artist and Mr. Historian!

There are no more moves on the board to be played…game over. You lose!

If you come forward to challenge me, you confirm my theory and still go to prison. If you sue me for libel, you identify yourselves and everyone will then begin to suspect the same things that I do. If you die, you still burn in Hell…but wasn’t that the point all along?

The devil has taken two down… two to go.

You read, The Book of the Dead and Liber Al…now read my book. I think the two of you remaining will find it interesting reading. I’m sure every FBI agent and law enforcement agency and attorney who received the book already did. Now, perhaps you should read it… tell me if I missed anything.

I know you’ll want to book that flight to the West coast, but wait…they may be watching. I know I will be. Just like that last time, after you checked your mail…remember?

Now, I have printed a good many of these books since the end of last year and along the way added some stunning new information, so I apologize to those who have some of the first copies. But the final edition is now racing its way through the ether net to make way for the greatest announcement of all.

Today…I believe I can say, some of the most famous serial killings in the United States have finally been pieced together. Four men, one mission! Your mentor would have been proud.

Buy the book Columbus…you need to know who your neighbors really are!


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