Connection and new information for the Johnny Gosch case…


“Connections to the Johnny Gosch case?” you ask?

To answer that, you must first know who he was.

Who was/is Johnny Gosch?

Johnny Gosch was a 12 -year -old boy who was abducted from his paper route off 42nd Street in West Des Moines, Iowa on September 5th, 1982. He was taken from his early morning route, while delivering the Des Moines Register and Tribune.

How is this connected to me or to my latest true crime book, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR”?

Because at 10, I once delivered the Des Moines Register and Tribune with my 2 older siblings, who often abandoned me to hang out at the nearby Dunkin Donuts, till I was done delivering their route. Now, while that’s an interesting piece of nostalgia…mostly for me…there is a point.

Where was this paper route, where a young kid was left to fold and toss papers onto stranger’s front porches and door fronts? It was off 42nd Street! Decades and a few blocks apart from mine, but still, too close for comfort.

A coincidence?


Remember, nothing is ever by chance—only by design.

Now, why again is this important to me?

Because this case is in the book.

So, why would a case about a young boy missing in Iowa concern a writer whose opening pages of a true crime investigative novel concerns herself with a series of elderly women who were raped and strangled in Columbus, Georgia?

Because I believe they can be connected.


Because Johnny Gosch (and potentially a later abductee, Eugene Martin) was allegedly connected to a “CIA” ‘handler’—Michael Aquino. Michael Aquino, a controversial CIA figure who was credited with bringing the CIA’s MK ULTRA mind control program into the military base at the Presidio—was also a man whose name was repeatedly attached to its child abuse sex scandals and the infamous 1980’s sex ring scandal connected to children allegedly being abducted from the Boy’s Town complexes in Nebraska, to fulfill orders for an elite pedophilia ring, who trafficked in sex both nationally and internationally.

But that’s not all…

One of the alleged killers in my book– who I believe I can prove was involved in the stranglings in Columbus, had a DIRECT and chronicled connection to Aquino and his MK ULTRA programs. And why has this become even more important to me, since the books’ original release in December of this year where this was frst mentioned?

Because although it was said Johnny used a wagon to help haul his papers about in many of the information sites visited—a recent article by Pat Curtis in Radio Iowa, (July 2017) reminded me that it was a RED wagon he pulled.

Now why is that important?

Those of you who have already read the book understand immediately why! But for those of you who haven’t…here’s the shorthand.

Because Michael Aquino was the lead programmer for the CIA’s MK ULTRA program going way back, after the Germans originally introduced it to us under other names after WWII. And why is that important? Because part of the MK ULTRA experience was that men and women, (some voluntary, some forced through generational or familial contracts) under either drug and/or sexual and/or psychologically induced control, were taught various skill sets.  Some were taught to have sex to gain information, some to artfully assassinate and/or sadistically torture their targets, and others to abduct and detain to maintain a supply of victims to those in power…all according to word or color trigger associations given by their handlers. One of the most color prevalent triggers being used at the time was the color RED.

And, since it is well documented that Michael Aquino had a direct military connection to 1 of my alleged killers — it is most likely he was well acquainted with the other 3 POI’s mentioned through their military and sexually persuaded communities. Through extensive research and both direct and circumstantial evidence, it appears they all may be connected to the sex trafficking of children from California to Columbus, to Denver, to Las Vegas, to Michigan, to Washington DC and points beyond. In addition to the sex trafficking– I believe the information garnered supports equal involvement by my POI’s in such generational and histrionic serial killings as; the 1945 Chicago Lipstick Murders, the 1946 Black Dahlia murder, the 1960’s Boston Strangler murders, the 1970’s Columbus Stocking Strangler cases, as well as the infamous  Sonoma Strangler and Zodiac kills in California and the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children of the 1980’s—along with, the Oakland County Child Killings, and the West Memphis Three…plus many more cases that remain unsolved and unheralded in other states like; Colorado, Texas, Florida (including the Florida Keys), Pennsylvania, Maine, Louisiana, Georgia and many more. (The book explains the connections.)

Want to know more?

The book will explain the color-coded kill triggers of the MK ULTRA programs and the connections between Aquino and the 2 POI’s and their partners, which I believe can be connected to a series of killings even cryptically chronicled in an active shooter video game one of the killers contributed to and the clues and keys finally discovered to decipher their professional ramblings and art.

The book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CCRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR has been recently re-released with additional information and eye witness testimonies. It provides the answers to why these alleged killers were able to get away with murder for over 5 decades, under the cover of their professions, their political and military connections and their cultist devotions to a cultist order, the great Egyptian Book of the Dead, the god father of evil–Alleister Crowley and the histrionic and original American serial killer…Herman Mudgett…AKA…H.H. Holmes… the suspected Jack the Ripper.

Want to know why I now must make such announcements so public?

Because the time has come for law agencies everywhere to step forward and respond to the hundreds of clues and connections gifted them to these cases and the key that binds them all. Though I have personally reached out to many detectives and individual local agencies, there are too many to continue on an individual basis; though I will gladly answer to all.

Since 2015, this information has been made privately available and/or provided to all appropriate parties (law enforcement and appropriate attorneys) … but now the general public needs to know what they know, so that the evidence can be shared with the victims families to help support a movement towards contemporary justice.

Buy the book… read it and then demand your local law to follow the informational map the killers left behind to help re-open these cases and bring this new information into their investigations. Many victims have names, many we have only the circumstance of their death and state or physical location, personal descriptions of wounds and/or scenarios–so carefully read every word. Learn of a special code and a hidden key that will lead them to the answers, millions of Americans have asked since the 1940’s.

Want to know who the Boston Strangler really was? Or who killed the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short? Want to know who was the real Zodiac; or should I say…Zodiacs? Want to know why the victims were targeted and how these men are connected to each other and to the victims? Want to know why Atlanta never really caught its 1980’s child killer and why the smoke screen of ‘patterned credit’ and not actual charges were made against a man who still sits in prison for life?

Read the book and share it. Together, we the public can help law enforcement finish the jobs they have long been unable to do.

LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR by T.A. Powell, is not just another cheesy 2-bit thriller filled with speculation and fabrication…it is a 732 page, deeply researched and professionally documented dossier on case information, which clearly demonstrates these men can be connected by patterned behaviors, timelines, locations, MO’s, circumstantial and direct physical evidence, and eye witness testimonial.

This evidence will give you the roadmap that solves the mysteries behind the kills and the cover-ups in more local cases like the Columbus, Georgia Michael Curry Family Massacre, the Mary Sue Butler Ogletree murder…even the Columbus Stocking Strangler kills, which took the life of Kathleen Woodruff—one of Coca Cola’s founding family members! Evidence shows how these killers moved between serial killings…and how through both guided information and forensic disciplines, the key to their dynastic horrors has finally been deciphered.

Read and learn the truth about the Columbus man who declared his death in 2010, yet calmly resides now in a state who has no idea that a killer walks among them.

Read the book and educate yourself before another innocent man on Death Row is sacrificed for the secrets of a local government and a federal program, which continues to try and paint a narrative that avoids calling their own personnel and actions into question. *

Ignorance is not bliss…it is dangerous.




Available at now

(*All appropriate local and federal law enforcement and attorneys have been appraised of information contained in this novel.)




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