Cold Case Murders…they are not just history!!


Cold case murders are not just history…they are the legacies of the victims and the families that must survive them.

Now, read that again!

Cold case murders matter! They matter to the victims, the families and to the stability and the honor of all law enforcement agencies, because the loss of life and the grief endured through brutal means does not have an expiration date. Victims have a right to have their deaths acknowledged and their murders solved–no excuses, no complaining or capitulating and hiding behind deficinies.

If I hear, “Nobody cares, it happened so long ago” one more time, I might scream myself. Time can be a gracioius friend to the cold case, even as it can be its biggest enemy.

The latest book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR  deals with over a hundred cold case murders that range from the Chicago Lipstick Murders of 1945, the Black Dahlia, the Boston Stranglings, the Zodiac kills, the West Memphis Three, the Columbus Stocking Stranglings, the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children of Atlanta and a plethora of other less known serial killings.

Why do these cases matter?

Because peolple got away with murder and then lived their lives without consequence.

Murder has consequence…

Read the book…call your local and Federal law and force them to sit up and take notice! These crimes have now been solved… the book explores and explains the journey taken to achieve this goal.

Hello Netflix? You think “Stranger Things” is a big hit? Check out the real impetus for the CIA’s mind control MK ULTRA programs!!

Hello History and the Discovery Channel producers??? Think your H. H. Holmes–American Ripper series answers all the questions? Guess again!!

Here’s your next ticket to success, so feel free to check it out and then place a call.

Literay agents take note: Check out this unbelievably coherent and substative compilation of multi-generational cold case research and direct and actionable evidence and then feel free to call. Everything is ready for you  to move forward.

Check us out: Brownstone LiteryaryWorks…we deliver the truth!



by T. A. Powell


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