Are you ready?


Every once in a while, the universe sees we have wandered from our path  and gently reminds us that we should be grateful for what we already have and for what we have already accomplished in our lives. I’ve had that experience several times over the last few days, as the universe recognized that I was replacing continual compassion with impatience and annoyance.

Still struggling with physical complications  from a year-old car accident and the jarring emotions of attorneys volleying back and forth over the value of my injuries and pain…along with frustrated silence over the lack of decisive justice so desperately needed for those cases involved in my book…I have been concentrating on the wrong energies and trying to force God’s timing to match mine.

Yes… insert a laugh here!

Why? Because, that kind of nonsense never works and shouldn’t really. We see but a small part of the larger picture and could easily make decisions that harm us or others unnecessarily, out of a lack of patience.

We all do it…even those of us who know better. After a head on collision last year, and two subsequent smaller accidents–NONE MY FAULT– I have been upset, because the other insurance company has been stalling and wanting to avoid payments for any pain and suffering. Did I get hurt? Yep…I did and several issues have altered my level of sufficiency. I even had to have surgery on my left leg. On Friday however, I met a man who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident—not just damaged—lost it! Now, I won’t belittle my own injuries and subsequent surgery, because that pain and the residual and permanent results from the accident won’t change…but I still have my leg.

Now, I won’t belittle my own injuries and subsequent surgery, because that pain and the residual and permanent results from that horrendous accident won’t change and they should be recognized and acknowledged as real…but I still have my leg.

Trite as it is—yes, it gave me a new perspective. As for his compenation? He received nothing for his pain and suffering; in fact, he received nothing at all, because the man who hit him had no insurance and nothing worthy to garner.

His attitude?

Wonderfully positive!

Feeling a bit sheepish, I saw the hand of spirit trying to remind me that I have much to be grateful for and little to be so anxious about. He manages, just as I will mange. As for the book? Writers are like actors—we too seek for our work to be kindly appraised and receive feedback about our efforts.The quiet that surrounds these cases and the response from authorities to this book confound me. So what did the universe do?

It sent a message.

Saturday, I received from someone  a paper clipping about the upcoming release of a friend’s book…and attached to that, a short note about her opinion of my book about Charley (THE THIN GRAY LINE), saying that my “…writing ability was astounding!”  Since she is a writer as well, I was honored.

It was two very simple and innocuous social engagements that reminded me that, that I have everything that I need and that my words do touch people—that my work brings both joy and sorrow to others, in that they are conveyed to a separate and ethereal world created by my verbiage. And that the silence about these cases is more than likely that things are happening behind the scenes–things that the book has promted and things that cannot be made public just yet.

For an instant, I reversed my perspective and realized that I have been gauging my success by the number of books sold, the number of 5 star reviews and the feedback of those who lives have been touched or tortured by my topics…instead of the gratitiude of those who were victims. I have been concentrating on the earthly plane of compensation and not the ethereal plane of gratitude and faiith,where in truth and in spirit… all has already been sucessfully healed.

It was another reminder to let go and let God.

Today, I am not only on vacation—but getting new floors in the upstairs of a cottage I had tried to sell several years ago, at the beginning of writing, Lords of the Harvest. I am even going to paint the treads of my stairs to look like book covers… 3 of them mine! Ironic, huh? The book Lords of the Harvest: A True Crime Investigative Memoir is now finished and available on and the adventure is has taken me on is not over.

You must read this book…not just because it helps move forward justice for the cases this book deals with, but because it gives those who have yet to awaken a chance to take a peek into the life of someone who deals with spirit and angels on a daily, hourly, momentary basis and it will flog your imagination…not because I write about it, but because I live it.

It’s a little like coming out of the spiritual closet in print. Yes, I work with both spirit guides and angels and openly recognize their absolute importance in my life and the lives of those I am trying to help. Does that frighten you or turn you off… it shouldn’t? The spirit world is a constant and our deceased loved ones surround us every day, wishing us well and guiding us along our evolutionary past.

Yesterday, both my parents made their presence known several times throughout the day and each time they did, it was with a precious memory and a humorous twist. Both, reminding me that I have much to be grateful for, much to be proud of and much to congratulate myself on and…that I must allow the universe to take my work and let it unfold in its own time, for those who need to see it and avail themselves of its knowledge and evidence.

It’s hard, isn’t it…the waiting?

But spirit is asking me to use my vacation for what it is supposed to be used for—to relax and rejuvenate. For someone like myself that is hard, because I am always in motion—always working on something, at something and seldom truly relax. But the universe is asking me to just stop—concentrate on me: what I want, what I need and reminding me to take some time to just breathe, in order to prepare for what is about to come.

And what is it that is about to come?

Good question…

Jupiter is in Libra and is about to expand everything. Uranus is about to bring forth the unexpected. A full moon in Capricorn at 17*, will challenge Jupiter and then connect to Pluto, only to after the full moon challenge Mars–the planet of action! This closest full moon in the beginning of the month will redirect the paths of our lives in big and unexpected ways!!

Rumor has it that for me, the date of 7/17/17 will be a huge trigger for something momentous and life altering…7-7-7!

Are you ready?

I am…

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