The end game…


One would think being close to the end of another year that we might stop in our tracks for a moment and take stock of where we have been, who we have met and what we have accomplished…but that is not always the endgame for some. For some, the chaos that began their year, ends their year and for that I am saddened.

When looking at today’s entry date, we see that the day date number 18 is displayed. In numerology, the number 18 is broken down to 1 + 8 = 9.


The letter 9 stands for the ending of a cycle…the completion of a chapter in one’s life…a time to turn the page and to allow the universe to help you clear out the old, to make room for the next chapter of your life; rather fitting for this time of year and the season we are about to enter…winter. The season where it is perceived that parts of nature must die a small death in order to fulfill the promise of a rebirth in spring.

Is this unkind?

Is this an evil and unnecessary act?

No…it is life and the natural cycle of things to begin anew, to process what has been and to discard the rest–taking with you only the best and leaving behind the waste.

What I am getting to, is the fact that at some point in every cycle-every chapter of life, people change, circumstances change, causes and resolutions change…things end by a natural death or we somehow step in and sabatage things ourselves out of frustrations or an inability to gracefully walk away and accept the season of tiny deaths.

All of life is about change.

The question is: Will we be the active agents of our collective change or will we wallow and allow ourselves the illusion of being victimized by inevitable change?

True courgae and strength allow for flow– it takes us down river and goes with the current, not fighting against it. When we fight the flow, we actually neither win or loose the battle. By swimming upstream against the flow, we fight and claw for every inch… still, for every inch forward gained, we eventually fall several inches back. We simply battle to tread water and struggle to remain afloat…the status quo becomes our constant…we remain stuck…stilted…stagnant and frustrated.

Fear of loss also prevents change and forestalls future opportunities for joy.

But change isn’t always violent and abrupt; sometimes it is a gradual erosion. Perhaps we do not wish to leave harm in our wake and so out of feigned kindness or blind ignornace, we linger just a little bit longer in situations or relationships than we should, hoping to dull the pain of eventual departure. Or, maybe we see the path ahead so clearly, that we graciously allow the other individual or circumstance to find their own break-away point.

It’s better we think, if we have not caused the release ourselves…better to blame the river.

This case…this book and these victims have accompanied my every thought and effort for over 4 years and while the journey may just be beginning for someone else to discover, for me it is now time to follow the flow of the river and make room for the universe to bring me another set of spirits who have been patiently waiting their turn in the wings to be found…to be named…to be brought back to family and friends…to find whatever peace and closure can be achieved from the other side of the veil.

To all those who helped with their information, their support and their patience in this elongated and amazing project…thank you. No one person carries the emotional weight, ferrets out all the clues, follows the leads or feels the pain of those they are trying to help alone; the journey is always shared amonst those the universe has chosen to cast together. We each play a part in the collective healing…each having our own Karma to reap, debts to pay or cosmic lessons to learn.

I would like to thank the five women who have made this journey with me; may they feel the same pride and sense of accomplishment this epic adventure required. Through their efforts and energies, each one brought to the table their part of the puzzle and even though not one was physically at my side night after night, while typing and crafting such a hefty tome during these long four years…they were woven in spirit into every paragraph and page and properly cited for  their contributions.

Lords of the Harvest: A True Crime Investigative Memoir is about the discovery of these cases and these five women and their dedication to the truth. It is about the victims and their assailants and the laws that either confined them, protected them or foolishly set them free.

In truth, even though this journey began with the Stocking Strangler in Columbus, Georgia, it soon left its borders behind. Evidence and information took us to Boston for another set of infamous serial killings and then onto California for the Zodiac kills, the Black Dahlia and more…but it was the lesser known cases that dotted this nation’s map, like the West Memphis Three, the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children, the abduction of Johnny Gosh and the Lawrence King Scandal, along with the Oakland County Child Killings  and the murders of countless other women and children along the way that helped plug the nagging holes in my theory about the red key, which ultimately helped define and confirm the patterned evidence and behaviors that now confidently points to their signature guilt and their horrific trail of generational kills.

Thank you to Renate, McKensie, Spencer, Ginny  and Joyce for your dedication to truth and your tireless pursuit of justice for those both wrongfully accused and those still roaming the streets, whose guilt is known and for whom a greater jury now awaits.

May each of you find peace within your part of the process and peace with its final outcome…and may the outcome honor the victims and our collective efforts. And great thanks for the recent 2017 Discovery and History Channels’ true crime investigative series, which focussed respectively on intensive investigations into both the identity and patterned MO’s of the American Jack the Ripper and the mysteries of the Zodiac kills and ciphers; thereby, providing additional substantive support, directly validating and confirming the chronicled evidence patterns and suppositions already copyrighted in the book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIE MEMOIR.


Post Script:

The final appeal for Carlton Gary continues…and may the Supreme Court do their due dilligence in this case and note the lack of responsible counsel by the Prosecution and the inequitable distribution of resourcing in regards to exculpatory evidence* for the Defense.

Bite mold evidence

Shoe mold evidence


(Odontologist; expert witness testimony)

(Secretor and Non-secretor)

(Original witness statements and testimonials identifying a third party as primePOI not included on the documented suspect list.)


*(Exculpatory evidence is evidence favorable to the defendant in a criminal trial that exonerates or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt.[1] It is the opposite of inculpatory evidence, which tends to prove guilt.
In many countries, including the United States, police and prosecutors are required to disclose to the defendant exculpatory evidence they possess before the defendant enters a plea (guilty or not guilty).[2]
Per the Brady v. Maryland decision, prosecutors have a duty to disclose exculpatory evidence even if not requested to do so. While the prosecution is not required to search for exculpatory evidence and must disclose only the evidence in its possession, custody, or control, the prosecution’s duty is to disclose all information known to any member of its team, e.g., police, investigators, crime labs, et cetera. In Brady v. Maryland, the U.S. Supreme Court held that such a requirement follows from constitutional due process and is consistent with the prosecutor’s duty to seek justice.[3])
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