The alleged Stocking Strangler appeals again…


The alleged Columbus Stocking Strangler appeals again…

Yes, I know he has been convicted and sentenced to death, so ‘alleged’ is technically incorrect–even a bit naive–but that’s because the original jury members were sans all the facts and all evidence. In fact, the last several hearings have been glaringly without exculpatory full disclosure.

You want full disclosure Columbus?



Because several years ago, when invited by a former Columbus resident to investigate the idiosyncrasies of this particular case, the author was introduced to several other anomalies, which they then followed to their shocking conclusion. Not by led by geographical bias and/or political or personal persuasion–but by direct and physical evidence and rationale deductive reasoning and forensic benchmark.

The Columbus Stocking Strangler case does not stand alone or apart from other cases in Columbus in the 1970’s and 1980’s either. In truth, it’s collective (the killer(s) are also connected to the Mary Sue Ogletree murder case (not Michael Finn)…and the Curry family murder case (not Michael Curry), and to several other Georgia tragedies, including the infamous victims of the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children. Yes—even to those victims; tied by an eyewitness testimony and personal identification just updated in the October release of this epic novel.

So, before you put another man to death, believing he is the true killer(s)…read this book and then make up your own mind. Remember, the book is written as an investigative memoir for literary affect; not to distract, but to act as powerful vehicle for the overwhelming evidence that has been pulled from eye witness testimonies, FBI and police files.

So do yourself a favor…don’t get your information from the local paper; get your information and evidence from somebody outside the inner sanctum of generational and local prejudice. Someone who follows evidence and linear thinking, not politics and/or personal vendetta?

Wake up Columbus! This truth is stranger than the fiction they wish you to believe.

The first question you need to ask is about the bite-mold! Why was it hidden from the Defense for so many years? Why have they refused to try and match it to Carlton Gary’s lower bite? And why have they refused to call on the expert Odonatologist (Forensics Dentist) from Atlanta, who can tell you the truth as to whether the bite mold evidence from the Stocking Strangler victims matches Carlton Gary lower bite?

Why? Because it won’t match and they can’t make the dog fly without lies and prejudicial innuendo.

The second question is about the shoe-mold! How do you shove a size 13-1/2 or a 14 foot into a size 8-1/2 shoe? Why do they think Kermit the Frog and Big Foot share the same bipedal template?

They don’t and you shouldn’t either. Carlton Gary does not wear a size 8-1/2-9 size shoe, but one of the real suspects did and does wear that size shoe! Yes, a suspect that matched the FBI PROFILE… a suspect that was mentioned a hundred times in witness statements hidden away from sight for years… a suspect that was suddenly declared legally dead in another state just 2 weeks after he found out DNA results in the Strangler cases was about to be made public. This same suspect, who though pronounced dead on paper in 2010, is still alive and living quite nicely in another state–watching from afar and laughing at the charade of your justice. And guess what?

The FBI and your law enforcement knows this!

How do we know?

They told us so…

Ask them about that, before you punish one man for another man’s sins!? Now, I’m not saying Carlton Gary was a saint… a two bit thief and drug dealer yes… but a serial killer? Don’t we owe ourselves and the nation the option to hear and see everything the Prosecution has…everything the Defense should have been given access to? Everything the original investigators, who quickly moved up the ladder into the DA’s office may have found and/or hid from your prying eyes?

So let’s lay the cards out on the table…and for those in the know… the Tarot cards out on the table.

How do you discover hundreds of pages of eye witness statements that talk about this particular POI and his two toned car being seen almost everywhere a victim was murdered and yet– his name is never surrendered as a Prime Suspect by your police or your court officials?

Good question, huh?

Answer: Either this man was on the original list and somebody or somebodies removed his name to protect or deflect attention away from others potentially involved in the execution and cover up of these crimes to prevent situations of disclosure or blackmail…or your officials were completely inept and forgot to put it on the list?

Either choice does not reflect well upon your little burg and its system of justice and those who manage and manipulate it.

And here’s another oldie, but goody…

How do you suddenly misplace or run out of exemplar DNA? And even if you have it correct–why is the one case you claim you have DNA for, not one of the cases you convict your suspect on? And how does DNA from a Columbus victim in the 1970’s end up a years later (Thurmond) in a case in Atlanta years later by transference from within the pocket of an Army Flak jacket that was allegedly donated from this dead-not dead man’s estate?

Great trick, huh?

And what about fingerprints? The endless violation of Chain of Custody procedures alone makes me laugh and how do you call 7-9 points a positive match? Even first year Forensics’ students and CSI aficionados know you have to have multiple times that count (points) to even make it a quantifiable candidate!

Columbus…you need to get this one right. Because if you put this man to death, without exposing the whole truth…his death is on you. And just keeping him in the limbo of appeals–keeping folks quiet–keeping case files closed– hoping he rots to death before the truth gets out, is not a solid plan for success either. Nor, does it speak well to your sense of equality under the law.

This book lets you know where the real evidence leads, before the final appeal is lost… before the die is cast. You have an obligation to the victims in this case to get this right! Columbus founding families…take an interest! Coca-Cola founders… are you listening? Woodruff Art Center officers…are you listening? One of yours was murdered…wouldn’t you like to know the truth about why Kathleen Woodruff died? Why the killer chose a RED scarf?? Why she was chosen to die?

There’s a reason why your local paper hasn’t mentioned this book…  its contents will let the light shine where darkness and corruption has been allowed to dwell untested for decades. Be brave… buy the book…share its truth!


by T. A. Powell

Available on

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