Somebody wants to confess something to you…


‘Somebody wants to confess something to you…’

That was the exact subject line in an email I received in my Inbox yesterday. Now, of course the actual email had nothing to do with any of these cases, but the very fact that it had been presented for my viewing and immediately caught my attention, the message gave me great pause.

Was this a sign… a signal from my guides?

Stymied in my enthusiasm by the recent news that the Carlton Gary case process for a new trial had been blocked…I had again begun to question my role in this journey and why my angels and guides had commissioned my involvement in such. After an amazing epiphany the week before that I had been right all along that the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases and the Columbus cases were not only connected to one another by the white 1970’s station wagon that had belonged to a certain landscaper in Columbus, Georgia at the time of the horrendous Stocking Strangler murders of which Carlton Gary was convicted… but, by the equally ironic associations and reactions of another convicted felon on a distant late night drive…I was equally concerned that the last 4 years of my efforts and insights had been in vain.

Then yesterday morning, a feather. A huge feather and after that, the email message about a forthcoming confession.

And then it came…the late-night text that changed everything.

For over two years and several months, Ginny and I had parsed information and known of many more connections and had studied several smaller and unheralded pieces of the two cases that did not fit into their proper holes. Call it misinformation, selective memory skills or outright lies…either way, a certain person’s stories were not matching the trail of evidence we had unearthed or the logical and linear trajectories of reasonable thought.

Those of you who know Brownstone Literary Works, LLC website well, and/or know me personally, already know my constant mantra of Occam’s Razor; the theory that all things being equal… the simplest answer to a situation is generally the truth.

Now, I know the earliest version of the book might have left some questions unanswered, as to certain connections and/or levels of involvements by certain parties in the Columbus cases and then by curious extension, those involved in the Atlanta child murders …but the questions and the segues were far too tantalizing to walk away from and even though asked to do so by several folks…we didn’t. At least not Ginny and me.

Questions like…how involved was a specific family from Columbus with the landscaper and his side-kick geriatric, before these cases became part of an unrealized collective history? Questions like, how an incredibly uninformed writer from the UK, was so sure that Carlton was the killer in a New York case, when all the real and patterned physical evidence called for a much more sinister and alternative collaboration in the death of the unfortunate middle-aged barfly that night, with physical evidence that presented a red flag for those of us in the know…and I mean that quite literally!

So, how were these 3…no, actually 6 people connected and what was the thread that bound them all in this tapestry of illusion and death? And why is the one legally declared dead, still posting ‘little piggies’ on his Facebook page, ever so casually and quite comfortably from another state? Could it be, because he’s been given the heads up by those in Columbus that the fix is in? That he’s safe to continue to live off hush money and insurance fraud funds? And why if law enforcement knows this person has suddenly resurrected from the dead… the public and his insurance company does not? After all, if Capone, though known for his murderous rampages, can eventually and successfully be taken in and brought down by tax fraud… why can’t our homicidal, dead-non-dead landscaper be taken in and brought down by insurance fraud?

Oh, my dear readers…the answers will come very soon!

Already, a more detailed ending to the one that currently stands, is written and waiting to go to print. And while the mill-town judge who has recently escaped impeachment wipes his hands–the peachy DA involved in closing out the Gary case in Columbus, will be soon be wringing hers… shuddering in her little black pumps at the overarching implications it will have for the Columbus ‘murder of crows’ and their most ambitious futures. But to understand this waterfall of information and implications, my dear readers– you must become ‘true crime junkies’! You have to dig deep and I’m not talking pseudo-deep or Barnes and Noble coffee-clutching deep…I’m talking get off your cell phones, stop sucking down your soy latte’s and actually read and devour the substantive edifications in the book! Quit asking for the Cliff Notes version—stop skipping to and from your narcissistic whims to hip-hop and slide through the more difficult sections, so you can name drop and page punt on pod casts and Facebook pages! Just do the work and muddle through it. Every word is important…every sentence matters, because every nuance and innuendo was a part of their plan…clues to their cause and methods and manners of kills and without the key to their road map–you are forever lost. Which by the way, is exactly where they want you!

Do the work… the real work it takes to solve crimes and understand the psyche of the players involved. Your little TV sets and iPads can’t teach you in your commercialized CSI haze to figure out the subtle nuances of clues-the motivations and symbolisms of physical evidence. It doesn’t prompt you to think outside the box that hasn’t even been drawn yet. That’s the Gerber baby TV crime stopper drivel; pre-written, pre-determined and commercially perscribed outcomes of wanna-be-flatfoots and writers that live vicariously through their characters. This is true crime- not true crap!

No offense Hollywood…but grow up and begin to tap into the real human experience, which doesn’t come drizzled with caramelized sugary tarts that fill their darts and catchy phrases that sound like gritty police lingo and secret social codes. That’s where Netflix begins to rule the turf. They get it and this is right up their alley.

Let the life of the victims and the motives of the real killers amaze you with the complexity with which they chose and sacrifice others’ lives. Understand the men who walk your streets and run the underbelly of your cities.

I cannot tell you how defeating it is to do so much work, and then to have agents of both law and the courts pooh-pooh one’s efforts, because they didn’t discover the information first. Or that following another thread, easily winds them and they are too feeble of conviction to abide by their sacred oath. Since when did justice become more about the ego of the badge or the ink upon the diploma or their 401 K’s and not about the victims and the legacies of the ghosts left behind to suffer their inabilities to be effectual?

Just read the book… take the time and take it seriously.

So, how where these 6 men connected?

Who lured… who killed… who covered-up?

What evidence was taken…what kept…what destroyed or conveniently lost?

Why is it so important that these old cases be buried by a tiny attorney, whose father was in business at one time with the known POI? Why did they not recuse themselves and why was the POI’s name removed from the suspects’ list, when the witness testimonies and interview statements yelled them from the files?

Why does it take a handful of women who never met before, to unearth and reveal what thousands of police and FBI case workers have somehow overlooked or hidden for decades?

“It’s so simple…” the guides said…”Look– don’t see…look!” and I did and then I saw what was hidden in their crafted clues. So, why didn’t others learn how to look and see in the same manner? And why do the people who beg for such information…the very people whose job it is to hunt and peck… to gather and assimilate such information, feign at the weight of the findings brought to them on a silver platter? What possible strain of insecurity allows these people to myopically push the plate of justice away, because it doesn’t fit into their emotional or mental appetite?

Good questions all…

So how do the Columbus Stocking Stranglings and the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases, together with the more than 100 other cases depicted in the epic TRUE CRIME novel… “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” fit together?

Oh, my dear readers, even the prison guards don’t know the answers to this one, but in little more than 72 hours… the rest of the world eventually will! Information will be received, paragraphs and pages written and understanding gained.

Until then; here’s a thought to ponder and let roll around inside your head, like a chipped marble…balking and bouncing off your receptors of reason.

What happened to all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that came from both federal accounts and private citizens to the Atlanta government officials that was supposed to be set aside for the person or persons who would eventually solve the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases? Where is that money? Who spent it? How was it used?

By law it should still be there. If not…who cashed the checks and who got paid to keep you ignorant?

I ask this, not out of greed, but to establish another pattern.  Because, if what we have discovered rings true and truth indeed rings clear without taint of ego or materialism… this book will give you the answers to who and how those young souls were taken. Why they were chosen and who should really be behind bars awaiting the long final walk to justice.

As for the money, the citizens of Atlanta…YOU need to continue to ask that question, because beyond taking care of the victim’s family themselves first… part of that long lost paycheck should be used to complete the vision of a tasteful memorial to those young souls sacrificed, as well dividends set aside to promote and support further investigations into the questionable actions of those involved and to provide monetary and legal support for the wrongfully convicted and those who have carried the financial burden of this great discovery alone.

You want to complain about racial or criminal justice from the comfort of your couch…you do that.

You want to scream at the television and cry to your friends that the world is unfair… you do that. Just know that nobody is going to listen or go to bat to make you feel more comfortable with your complacency- you must get off your couch and do that for yourself!

You want resolutions and truth…come join us! Buy the book- educate yourself first, so that you can be armed with truth and vetted evidence. Why am I so sure this information is vetted? How can I make such a claim? Because most of it came from the FBI and Atlanta Police Department and ME files! You see, critical files that are aggressively redacted, are still incredible sources of information. Why? Because the files are redacted by those individuals at the time, who decide what they believe is important to share or keep from the public’s view. Thing is…if you don’t know what’s important in the first place…or you assume you are so much cleverer than the average Joe…the truth remains hidden in the open.

Catch my drift?

As the great Southern writer, Anne River Siddons says…
“Perception is everything, my darling!”

So, as Carlton Gary once again mounts his efforts to shoot for another appeal…here is mine:

Wake up Columbus and Atlanta!!!!!

Or, are you too afraid to know the truth about the men who lured and tortured children–strangled your elderly women and traveled the United States on a histrionic killing spree? What about the young African American victims who went missing under your watch Atlanta or the brutal murder of one of Atlanta’s most beneficent families, Columbus… the Coca Cola’s founding family member, Kathleen Woodruff? What about the final legacies and moments of the other children and women in this state, who died at the hands of folks different than you have been told?

If the Coca Cola family attorneys from Columbus or Atlanta are listening close enough… the book is talking their kind of language! I’ll send you a copy free of charge–just read it. Find out who really killed Coca-Cola’s and the Woodruff Arts Center’s fame Kathleen Woodruff!

 Just because they call a case closed… doesn’t mean it should be! Get it right Columbus and Atlanta…get it right. The victims and their survivors deserve the truth.



Available now through

*(Wait just one more week for the new evidence to be updated and included!)

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