Sometimes in between the quiet, we are asked to stop, look, listen and evaluate where we are and where we think we are heading. This past summer my boat has barley left its dock, the beach only occasionally visited and yet within the timeframes allotted in between work and obligations…I have accomplished so many tasks that have haunted me for the last two years, that I can now smile and sit with drink in hand and take stock of the major movements in my life.

Yesterday in between the quiet, I heard the dogs bark and so I chanced to leave my academics for a moment and take in a  deep breath or two looking out over the deck and saw a small pod of women standing on paddleboards and others in kayaks, moving slowly across the glassy waters of the lake and somewhere inside, they struck me as matronly swans– gliding through the later years of their lives with great appreciation and with the small breeze of appreciation and lack of regret at their backs to do so…

Standing on the deck; stationary and stalled in my advance…I begged to internally join them, but the best I could do for myself, was to smile, take a photo with my phone and promise myself that on a day…soon…I too, would glide across those waters with the wind at my back without regret and smile at the glorious view ahead of me.

I need this…

I want this…

I have earned this.

This is the reason why I have moved to this place…why I have finally made my fingerprints permanent upon it. Why the doors and the walls now celebrate who I am, not who they were once owned by. This is my sanctuary; my place of refuge and contemplation.

The seasons are changing…

Life is changing…

I am changing…


The wind is picking up, the leaves freed from the rigors of service as shade and I am eager to be on my way too, to wherever the wind and the future is wanting to carry me. Join me in this new adventure…I invite you.


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