Happily awaiting the weekend…

Happily awaiting the weekend…
Though I love my job, I am happily awaiting the weekend to celebrate my great good fortune in reaching out this week and making contacts. I fear I might need to explain what this particular project is about, so that you understand my hesitation in simply barreling through like a bull in a china closet. If you go to the web site for Brownstone Literary Works and go to the section on novels; simply read the teaser for the book entitled, The Coffee Pot Conspiracy. Once read, all of this will make imminently more sense to you. This was a real man, with a real family… a wife, kids. I know his daughter and her children- Charley’s grandkids and it breaks my heart for her. Julie is an incredible human being with a heart of gold, vivacious and intelligent… my heart bleeds that she has been denied his guidance and he her natural brilliance. This is why this is so important to me. Will I be able to solve the mystery surrounding Charley’s death or grant peace to its chaos? That is not for me to say. Intuition is all I can gift with absolute conviction, but I do know that I have been asked to try and try I must. As odd as this may sound…Perhaps it wasn’t really by Julie’s prompting that this may have happened. Do I believe that people reach out from the great beyond when they find a willing vessel? You bet I do! Like the psychic that I will be working with later this month, I believe that the cosmos tends to manipulate our lives in a huge chess game. We are cautiously moved from one space to another to facilitate our learning experience and when we are at the optimum alignment for whatever task need be reckoned; it is then that we are placed squarely within the trajectory of whatever ill has need of resolution. Charley cannot rest, in the same way that Julie and her brother I fear cannot rest. None of this will bring Charley back, but it will remove the unconscious block that binds them all now from release. Today I will again prompt the GBI and see if the Atlanta Dept. has been able too find records. It is amazing that I have been unable to retrieve anything from various agencies on this matter. Perhaps later today I will have greater insights and revelations to share.
On another note:
I had a dream last night about my mother who died just a few short years ago. She was with my father who died just last year. The dream was as brief as it was odd and I shall ponder not only the fact that I remembered it, but also its apparent application to my life. She looked wonderful, dressed in overcoat. The flavor of the scene was 1940’s in resonance. Standing just before a train, whose doors opened under a rush of steam she looked at me. She placed one foot on the running board and just before she got on… looked back at me. With neither beaming grin, nor downright scowl she paused to make direct eye contact… hesitated, then smiled weakly. She had great concern across her brow as my father scooped in behind her and bid her help up. They boarded with several others and left without a word. I stood quiet and quite alone as crowds rushed and milled about in alternating sequence. Curious is how I shall spend the rest of my waking hours… curious and somewhat disappointed that either she could not speak… or I in my infantile understanding of the afterlife could not comprehend the words she so clearly meant to say.
Till tomorrow then…

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