Spent several days out of town digesting information and retrieving more…


Spent several days out of town digesting information and retrieving more…
I am grateful to those who have responded to my queries and continue to research on my behalf. I will keep their names sacred until otherwise directed, but know this that your help is valued, your budding friendships cherished and your guidance indispensable.
The facts of the case continue to baffle. This is why I need the court transcripts between Hazel and the American Casualty and Life Insurance Company. In order to decipher the words behind the words of this story. Witness testimonies and photos are beyond necessary for me, as I am a visual person and need the physicality of evidence. The information contained within them will help answer certain questions I still have about what I feel are unsettling logistics of the crime scene. I need to hear their words and see what they saw that night. What time did the first responders make it to the scene? Who and how many not recorded in the print media? I need to pin-point the exact time that the rain began and how far it was from Charley’s home to his office as they speculated he went there first to clear his office of things (the adult tapes)and gather his gun. But first and most paramount, I need the exact positioning of the body at final rest. It is key to everything.

Print media and reports state the body lay in front of the 1966 Ford he was driving. And that’s great, but I need to know what direction his body was positioned. Was the head of the body pointing to the right or to the left side of the car? Was his body in front of the car, but laying face down parallel to or away from the car? I need to know exactly how far from the bumper of the car and how many feet/inches this side or the other of center hood? You see, I can’t seem to wrap my head around how he ended up in front of the car, if in fact the second shot was considered the fatal shot. The crime lab report states they had scrapings of blood from the top right window of the car. Now it does not say windshield; though I suspect that is what they meant. Otherwise I imagine the word ‘passenger’ would have prefaced the location. Even still, if you fire a second shot, considered to be fatal at the upper right hand corner of a 1966 Ford windshield, then how do you make the transition to the front of the vehicle several feet away? Would you not slump to the ground at the very site the shot was fired? In which case the body would have been off the road and into the muddy shoulder as the car was purported as having been pulled off the road and to the right.
Even more confounding is the fact that they were able to retrieve blood to begin with in the pouring rain. One witness said they saw a man squatting at the front right tire? Could this have been the possible location of Charley after the first shot through his chin? Or perhaps some one else at the front right tire positioned as though fixing it; waiting for the traffic to clear to stage the body? An unnamed woman said she saw a man running from the scene into the woods. Maybe the body was not even there at this point as several vehicles were reported as being seen. One being a truck by the first witness early on. Why would I speculate so? Because the body at one point had to have been in a sitting position and out of the direct path of the rain long enough for blood to have flowed undiluted down the back. There was blood found in between the plastic covers of the wallet photos in his leather wallet. Therefore; blood had to have run down his back and pooled above the jutting right hind pocket area, directly below the fatal wound which was up behind the right ear. Occam’s razor theory applied again…There is no other natural way for it to get there than by sheer gravity. So when was he in a sitting position, out of the direct force of the rain?
Again, I am not a detective. I do not watch reruns of every CSI show known to mankind, nor do I profess to have any training other than being a parent. I am just trying to ask the questions that come to my mind when I find gaps in logical thinking. I am hoping to receive some information from two different sources today. I wait anxiously for later this week when I will finally meet with my two experts from CCIRI.
Till later then…

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