Another set of eyes…


Kudos to my husband who has secured another contact whose tentacles may be able to reach deeper within the FBI files for what I need, I am feeling anxious to begin retrieving the fruits of other people’s labor on my behalf. Having now several well placed individuals within and out of the various agencies, whose navigational skill sets far exceed that of my own in such delicate matters; I shall continue to do due diligence in research areas that must be done at my level. Along with interviews and emails, I shall continue to canvass the materials already in my possession. Combing through sheet after sheet of onion skinned paper copy for more missing links in the chain mail of this case becomes a nightly ritual. These are the days that taunt and tease with little or no outside information trickling in. But I know there is great intervention taking place on my behalf and so I will persevere in silent vigil while the clock ticks away and leaves me wanting.
Talk to me Charley… talk to me. I’m here… I will listen.

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